We’ve gone French

We've Gone French

We’ve gone French

Dec 03, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Salut Personnes Étonnantes,

Where was I? 

Revolutionising our toileting experience.

Steve said –

What if we turn the old toilet bowls into bidets? We could use salt water and it would severely reduce our toilet paper. What do you think?


You might need to read that sentence again.

This was a really crazy idea but I’m in for cray. Hey, we have 11 kids and we live on a boat, sailing up the coast with our composting toilets and our 16 man life-raft at the stern –


I was all in.

We’ve Gone French!

And not just the kissing!


The thought of almost no toilet paper was so cool. Yet the washing of my butt sounded so strange.

Having never used a bidet before, I had no idea what to expect other than that scene from Crocodile Dundee. Not much of a preparation cause he actually put his foot in it.

We went a-head with it (you see what I did there? HA HA HA.  I crack myself up).

Steve got a porcelain drill bit and began the conversion.  He drilled a hole into the back of the toilet bowl and put in a copper pipe. The copper pipe’s end was then capped off and tiny holes were drilled into the top of the pipe for the water jets.

We hooked a tiny in-line pump up and turned it on.

Here is how it worked.

It is a little weird to show the world how we put together the device that is going to clean our butts but again…


So now for the installation.

Our toilets (heads) are oddly shaped as I suppose most boat toilets are.  So we had to remake the shelf at the back and completely change the hosing.

Weive Gone French

We've Gone French

This was the finished result.

We've Gone French


We've Gone French

We've Gone French

Our new toileting experience has began.

Love you Guys

Zannys Harbars



Pretending Podcast

Pretending Podcast

Nov 30, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps, 

Are you ready for some Beccie Babble?

Well, our new Pretending podcast is available at Live Your Dream With Kids Podcast Page.

Am I pretending to podcast? 

Probably! I have no idea how to podcast, so I’m making it up. Ha ha ha

This podcast is about a different kind of pretending. It’s about how us, as parents can get caught in the trap of Pretending and how it affects our lives.

You also here a recent story on how not pretending can affect us too.

So, if your Beccie Babble tuners are at the on position, come over to the Live Your Dream With Kids Podcast Page and have a listen.

Love you guys.



I've got worms in my Head

I’ve got Worms in my Head

Nov 29, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,

We are changing Sumbawa all the time and getting her to a better state to look after all 13 of us on board.

One of the improvements has been worms!


Yes, we have decided that Sumbawa was lacking without worms. She clearly wasn’t wriggly enough, so this had to be rectified.

What made us decide to bring worms onto Sumbawa?

Our Heads!

Seriously, our toilets were driving us insane. They were constantly getting blocked. This was either due to the amount of hair in the mascerator or the Lego pieces that would end up in there.

At one stage, we even had a chicken leg bones in the toilets – BOTH TOILETS!

I’m pretty sure the kids didn’t poop them out but with our kids, you never know.

Anyway, they were driving us insane (the toilets not the kids), then the last straw was Maritime.

Something had to be done.

So we decided at that very moment to go with composting toilets.

Composting toilets seem to be a THING with sailors at the moment and unbeknown to us, we joined in the thing-ness.

But where are we going to find a composting toilet that is adequate for 11 Kids?

Easy! We made one!

So where do the worms come into it?

Steve found out, through much searching, that worms would help compost the poop faster than just letting it sit. He didn’t tell me this until he was out.

Do you ever wonder how these conversations go?

Today, you get to hear how this conversation actually went.  Steve was out when he first mentioned worms, so this conversation was all via text.

This is the exact conversation that Steve and I had over text when he mentioned worms for Sumbawa.


SteveWhat do you think about worms to accelerate the composting process? They eat half their body weight every day.

Me – No worms. Starter is better. BTW (by the way) we have run out of EVERYTHING!

Steve – Apparently both work together really well. No starter available but using organic compost as your layer works really well. I have some vegetable bags too.

Me – WHAT! You want to grow vegetables in the toilet? Worms on a boat sounds like something is wrong. Sort of like cockroaches. I HAVE WORMS ON MY BOAT!

Steve – Hysterical laughing!’

Me – What if the worms get out? Can they get out? Would it be like maggots but with worms? Is that gross? Or would they stay put?

Me What if we get worms in the bilge? What will they do? What if we have food stored in there? Will they compost the food? Well we have food covered worms or worm covered food? Can they infest? WHERE WILL IT END?

Me – Will they turn into wood worms? Will they eat our boat?


Steve –More Hysterical laughing’ Oh WOW! You are unbelievable!

Me What! I’ve never heard of worms on a boat before. Except wood worms and they are BAD!

Steve – Even Blade is giggling! (Blade was out with Dad)

Steve – NO! They JUST EAT COMPOST! They do not have a private union or conspirative nature.



Me HA HA HA! Ok, worms are ok as long as we have a meeting – you, me and the worms. I need to make sure they understand their boundaries.

Steve – Are we talking about the kids now HA HA HA!


Steve – Exactly!

So now you know how my mind works. I was laughing so hard writing it and had so much fun reading Steve’s replies.

The moral of this story is –

I’ve got Worms in my Head

And their nice. They do escape though.


Steve picked up all the parts, then came home.

Now was the time to start putting it together.

We got a storm water pit for the composting bucket

I've got Worms in my Head I've got Worms in my Head I've got Worms in my Head

and a leaf catcher for the pee bit.

I've got Worms in my Head I've got Worms in my Head I've got Worms in my Head

Then Steve put together the holding tank.

I've got Worms in my Head

Steve then went about assembling them for both of the heads, while we removed the old toilets.

That was not a fun job but I took it upon myself to do it as I wanted to learn how they are assembled. I had kids help though of course.

Once the old toilets were out, Steve then had another strange and Brilliant idea.

It has revolutionised our toilet experience.

Steve said:

That can wait for the next post.


Love you all.

Zannys Harbars

A Hypnotic Podcast of 11 Kids

A Hypnotic Podcast of 11 Kids

Nov 20, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,

Are you ready for a Hypnotic podcast of 11 kids in the evenings?

There is no talking, just the relaxing noise of life on Sumbawa kids.


I Believe in Our Kids

I Believe in Our Kids

Nov 15, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,

I come to you now, with tears in our eyes because something has clicked within me.

I am writing a book about what it is like to raise our kids. It  been a bit of a challenge because I have not known HOW we did what we do.

Until now.

Now, I know WHY we raise our kids the way that we do and HOW we do it.  What I have discovered is

I Believe in Our Kids

Not just in Our Kids but all kids.  We just need to let them shine.

I realised that Our Kids shine when we give them a safe place. 

But there is more than that.  A safe place is not enough. 

They need to be able to test themselves and us.  Which is good for our kids and absolutely frustrating for us parents. They need to take risks.

As parents, we have all been or soon will be, in that position where our kids yell out for us to come look at them.  So we walk outside, possibly a little miffed that we have to leave our cooking, or iPhone or whatever we were doing to come look at them again.

We step outside and we yell

“Where are you?” 

The reply comes

“Up Here.”

We follow the voice and our eyes finally land on them – up a tree.

I Believe in Our Kids

Not just a little bit up the tree but RIGHT UP THE TOP OF THE TREE.

At that moment, your stop breathing, your heart stops beating and time stands still as you try as your brain tries to just compute what you have just seen.

You can see your child’s pride in themselves.  They are so happy with themselves. 

I Believe in Our Kids

They have just pushed themselves further than they had before.  They have just achieved success and they are BEAMING!

As your brain finished computing what you are looking at, out of our mouth screams


Then you watch their face drop.  All they wanted was you to be as proud of them as they are of themselves.  All they wanted was for you to tell them how clever they are.  All they wanted was your acceptance in the risk that they took.

But as parents, we see the danger.  Yet we remember as kids being in that very same place, yelling for our parents to come and look and them screaming at us to get down.

But we also didn’t see the issue.  We climbed up there without their help or guidance.  We worked out which branches to hold, which were too thin and which were just plain scary.

We worked out, by making our own assessments what was safe. 

And when we reached the top, we were elated! We had done it!  We had achieved something that we were scared to do and we weren’t sure that we could do.  But we did it!

This is what they feel.

What they need is a Great Leader!

Being that leader that praises them and congratulates them even when you are so fearful for them is hard.  But it is what they need. They need to know that we are so happy for them, that we are so proud of them for what they have achieved.

Then, we as parents can add in something wonderful.  We can get them to show us something else on top of climbing up the tree, that will make us even more proud.

We can ask them to show us how they get down!

This is a clever play on words and if we do it right, they will be overjoyed to show us how they get down or even better how they got up in the first place.  Which means they have to get down first.

I know that kids need a safe place in which to grow.

Kids also need a safe place in which to test themselves and their parents.

Being a great leader, is giving them both of these things – with love!

I Believe in Our Kids.

I Believe in Their Parents too.

Zannys Harbars

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

Awkward Romance on Father’s Day

Sep 03, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yesterday was Fathers Day and it was a lot of fun.

First Steve was woken up

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

with coffee in his new DAD cup, complete with Dad jokes.

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

This was then followed by a couple of crocodile sausages, for something new. He liked them and all the kids got a taste too.

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

Then Steve received his presents.

Awkward Romance on Father's Day Awkward Romance on Father's Day



Awkward Romance on Father's Day

The first was a small Monopoly board game that we will be playing today.

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

Next was a bag of Darrell Lea goodies of which he was very happy. Almost devilishly so.

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

The third was a heart-felt poem from Tasha 

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

His last present was one that made him squeal like a little boy. It was Nakita who had this idea and on Saturday we went out to get it.

Steve got his very own…….

Mechano set!

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

I have just heard all the Dad’s yell in collective jealousy.

He got up and sat at the table, putting together his Mechano. It was like watching the excitement and intensity on a boy, putting together his brand new toy.

Steve was having so much fun.

Awkward Romance on Father's Day

It took him 2 hours to complete as he has HUGE hands and the pieces are so small!

But when he was finished, he was beaming with pride. Awkward Romance on Father's Day The only thing that he didn’t do was drive it around.

After that, we watched the Sherlock Gnomes movie followed by the Jumanji movie. All while we all had some Darrell Lea goodness.

This was followed by Steve’s FAVOURITIST MEAL EVER!


Made with my special cheese sauce.

By the time all of this was complete, it was time for kiddos to head to bed. 

So as kids were playing on their beds, we got ready for bed too.

I mentioned in an early post, that movie style romance and me, don’t go together. 

I’m more the awkward type.

Read how my Awkward Romance effected our Anniversary a few years ago.

You know the one that tries to make a sexy entrance, trips over and smashes her head into the draws. 

Or tries to flick my hair seductively and just ends up with a mouthful of my own hair. Then I’m gagging as I pull it out.

This is me! Sexy in the most upside down, backward way possible. 

Tonight was no exception.

Steve had bought me a really nice set of lingerie and I thought that I’d show it off. So I had got changed, had my hair all done and was ready for my sexy moment.

As I’m showing off, I realize that there is some of my head hair stuck to my back. As I pull it off, I say

“Watch out! There might be extra hair!”

Steve just burst into hysterical laughter and only then did I make the connection on what I had said.

I tried to explain, through tears of laughter, that that’s not what I meant but there was no taking it back then.

Beccie’s awkward sexiness prevails again!

So that was Father’s Day on Sumbawa!

A fantastic day followed by Awkward Romance.

As it should be.

Love you guys 

Zannys Harbars

Interview with Theresa Stevens

Interview with Theresa Stevens

Aug 25, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,

If you want to listen to me talk with an Amazing, Beautiful and Engaging woman, Today’s podcast is the perfect one for you.

It is my

Interview with Theresa Stevens!


Theresa is an incredible woman who can now claim the title of world travellers. 

They have just come back from an AMAZING trip.

If you want to know more, Just head over to the Live Your Dream With Kids podcast page and have a listen.

You can also find it

Here on Whooshkaa, and

Here on iTunes

You can also follow Theresa and her

Family Adventure Here


Or go to www.epicrtw.com and have a look.

Seriously Cool!
So come over, we had a great time and join in the fun.

We have had a lot going on here but an update another time. 

If you want to know what happens on an almost daily basis, head over to Instagram and see how our life plays out in picture. 

Yesterday Zeinobiyah covered her hair in red paint! There is a small video on Instagram showing my conversation with her about it.

It is REALLY cute.

Otherwise, we will talk soon.

Love you guys.

Zannys Harbars

P.S.  Tasha is loving the fact that so many of you Loved her podcast. 

She has a few more podcast episodes available if you want to listen to her inspiring the world with her teenage knowledge. It is always accompanied by a song.

She is already inspiring so many.  Teenagers!


Tasha's Birthday

Tasha’s Birthday

Aug 21, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,
Tasha's Birthday
It was Natasha’s birthday on Saturday. She turned 15.
Natasha is growing up so fast and her creativity in all forms is showing.
So what did we do for Tasha’s 15 birthday?
First, she was bombarded with cards that the kids had made her, while she was still in bed.  Then she got up and we told her to start getting ready.
She was going to do something that she had never done before.
Dad, Blade and Tasha left Sumbawa early afternoon and got on a fast ferry.  1st first of the day.
They then got on a train from Circular Quay to South Eastern Sydney – a place called The Quarter.
They were going to watch a movie.

Yes, I admit, our kids have never been to a cinema before.


So, Steve, Blade and Tasha went into the movie theatre.  The movie was showing in cinema no. 12.
Tasha was so stoked as the numbers 3, 6 & 9 are really fun for all of us to see (12= 1+2=3).
They then got the last 3 tickets.  Tasha was still more stoked.  Yet now she was a little afraid.
She seemed to think that Steve had bought tickets to see the movie MEG!
I don’t know why she thought this as we don’t watch that kind of stuff.  But she is a teen and what goes through their heads is anyone’s guess.
She was almost in tears as they entered the theatre only to realise that they were seeing


She settled down a little after that.
They watched the movie and she is still laughing about it today.  Tasha thought that it was hilarious.
They then went out for dinner.  Tasha chose Portuguese chicken for dinner and laughed her head off when Steve couldn’t take the heat anymore.
He tapped out!
Tasha ate a bit, Blade ate a tonne and Dad waited for dessert.
They then got Belgium Crepes for dessert.

Tasha's Birthday

Steve was so happy.  After Date Night, it has become his favourite thing EVER!
They then returned.
While they were away, I had 45 knots of wind to deal with without Steve all the oldest to help.  It was not forecast AGAIN so we were hit unexpectedly.
I went to work as the sailor that I now am and everything was fine.  I was not going to tell Steve until he returned but they got hit with it first, just before the movie and he called me.
He was worried and wondering should they put it off.  I assured him that all was fine and to just enjoy themselves.
I missed the extra capable hands but managed nonetheless.
Sue & Mike Powell from S/V Yarraandoo II called but it was so bedlam, I could barely hear here.  They always call on the kids birthdays.
I told Sue that Tasha was out with Steve and unfortunately I couldn’t talk.  There was so much noise.
After Steve, Tasha and Blade had finished, they started to head back.  The wind had died so it was easy to go and get them.

After Tasha was onboard,

I gave her my present.

Tasha's Birthday

Tasha has been writing stories and songs for the last few months.  She plays them on her ukulele and she is really good.
So I set up her own podcast of Whooshkaa. Actually, she set it up.
She created the picture that she wanted and created her own show.  Then yesterday, she uploaded her very first episode.
I then submitted it to iTunes and Spotify and it has already been accepted for both.
Then this morning, as I was uploading up another episode for my Revealing The Code Of The Gods podcast;
We saw that Tasha had already had 9 listens – all from Sweden.
She was so happy that people were listening to her material and now it gives all her creations an outlet.
So if you too want to listen to Tasha’s podcast, you can find it:

Here on Whooshkaa

Here on Spotify

And Here on iTunes

Or just listen to it below

Our little girl is growing up.
15 years old and already creating a storm.
We love you Tasha.
Mum, Dad, Blade, Rye, Kita, Alec, Hunter, Amlayah, Yahsha, Azanyah, Zeinobiyah & Shakirah.
Today's Podcast

Today’s Podcast

Aug 15, 18
Our Round The World Adventure
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Hi Amazing Peeps,

Today’s Podcast is HERE!

Go over to the Live Your Dream With Kids page in the menu and have a listen.

Next week, there is another interview, then the week after, another.

I love the traction that this podcast is getting.

Well, see you over at the podcast.

Let me know if you feel that it needs anything more.  I love the growth and ideas you bring.

Our Week

  • We saw another boat arrive and leave for New Caledonia.
  • We had a few days off with kids and colds.
  • Mum walked like a chicken down the street and on my run as I improve my posture.
  • Mum got her Manifesting Millions video diary up on her Revealing The Code Of The Gods website.
  • Dad chased the kids around the deck
  • Dad went out and danced in public.
  • Tasha’s B’day is this Saturday
  • We all enjoyed some gratitude of where we are and what we have, as well as a nice Whiskey.

See you soon.


Zannys Harbars

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