It Is Almost Here


Hi Incredibly Amazing Peeps,

Sydney has been hit with some record-breaking weather. It topped 47° degrees (116F) in Penrith this week.

Lucky for us, we were nowhere near Penrith, we were anchored in Mosman, just off China Man’s beach. This is a great place to swim and hide out from the Southerly winds. Even when the northerly hits, it’s not bad at all, so worth staying.

The weather has been hot and I have had many questions about how I am managing the heat.

I am doing good.

Yes it is hot but I swim most days even if it’s just for 10 minutes to cool off. It is wonderfully warm in the water here and floating around is so nice. I have even started practicing my swim strokes. So day times are great.

The nights are the worst part.

We only have one small wall mounted fan onboard that was here when we got her. It is juicy, so we only run it in short bursts.

We also have a 16 man life raft onboard that sits right above our hatch, it we can only open the hatch a crack. The hot weather and limited airflow can make our room very hot!

I often have trouble getting to sleep on the hot nights and staying asleep, once there is a rarity. I regularly get up at least once a night, go outside just for some air. Right now, it is 1:55am and I am sitting outside enjoying the breeze while I talk with you.

So that’s my struggling point at the moment.

As for these photos, yes the bikini has come out. Steve and I were mentioning how brown the kids were, they are seriously brown. We looked at my belly and said it was SO white. I wore the bikini every day and swam almost everyday but always covered up.

Steve said to me one day ‘Why are you so covered? What beliefs are you holding onto that make you feel that you need too?’ (His started studying again).

I thought about this and realized that I had an image in my mind of what others saw of me. That I would be laughed at or criticized for being so open.

Steve then asked ‘Has this ever happened to me before or just imagined?’ You know what, it never had. It was all in my mind. This was freeing.

With this knowledge, I went to the beach, took off my top and jumped in. It was SO GOOD to feel the water surround my body like that.

And in just 2 weeks, my belly is now brown.


We have got almost everything for bubby’s arrival now too. We bought a bucket that will work as a perfect baby bath and I was given baby clothes. You know that I hadn’t even thought about them. We have so many clothes onboard, I hadn’t thought about what bubs would wear. We didn’t bring any aboard because I wasn’t intending to get pregnant again. It was only when they were offered did I go ‘Oh yeh, we probably need those.’ HA HA HA!

I also have a hospital appointment on Thursday for the last-minute checkup.

I am really excited now to have this baby. I love labour, because I feel so connected to my body, the baby and everything around me. I know that I am going to hold my little one and that spurs me on. I am anticipating the start of it as I know I will have this beautiful thing in my arms soon enough.

It is time for me to retire back to bed, enjoying some sleep. I will talk with you all soon.

Love you all.

Zanny Harbars  

Beccie is a World Renowned Artist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle



20180101_001030Welcome to the New Year Amazing Peeps!

I bet your New Years is FANTASTIC!

We are having an awesome time.

I told you in our last post (read here) about our anchoring off Taronga Zoo. It was challenging but ended up being superb.


We sat in our spot and continued to watch the craziness unfold. People were moving in, vying for positions, trying to find the optimal spot.

We sat, watched and were amazed at the crazy behaviour around us. It was so entertaining.

At around 4pm the real festivities began. The music was going, the dancing and drinking were in full swing. We only had a bit of music and dancing around us which was a blast to see.


I got up to show them how it’s done by exposing my belly and making it really dance. It was hysterical!

At 5pm, we then had our own commotion.

Azanyah (his 3) was standing on the upper deck when a power boat raced by. It caused a wake and he lost his balance, hitting his head on the bullhorns. It was quickly followed by screaming and a ridiculous amount of blood.

I looked straight away to see a HUGE gash on his head. The captain was called immediately.

There was some kuffufle involving iodine and superglue. We were unsure whether it needed a hospital visit but we thought that we would monitor him. I checked him for concussion but his response was amazing, so we just sat and watched. It didn’t even slow him down. He was running, jumping and fighting within 5 minutes with no sign of any downturn.

Our night progressed as normal.

After a huge amount of sugar, the kids were ready for the 9pm fireworks. They were fascinated when they came. Even the little ones were in awe. It was great to observe them

and the fireworks.

As soon as they were done, there was applauding and horn tooting. It was a great atmosphere.

Then the night progressed and my surprise came in.

I thought that by the 9pm fireworks that all the boats would have found their spots. Boy was I wrong.

There was more jostling and moving all evening. I couldn’t understand why.

The 2 little ones went to sleep and were put inside. No one else wanted to go inside and all bar 3 of them slept on the deck, the 3 stayed awake. 2 even slept on the cockpit roof.

We watched and waited in anticipation of the final countdown.

We woke Tash at 11.45pm and the others at 11.50pm.

There was a wonderful energy in the air.

Then the 90 second countdown came up on the Bridge pylon. We counted down the entire way! It was so exciting.

We got to 10 seconds and everyone got louder – 10. 9. 8. 7. We were bouncing now – 6. 5. 4. Everyone is now yelling at the top of their lungs – 3. 2. The suspense was almost too much – 1.



Horns blasted, people cheered as fireworks exploded over our heads. It was EXTRAORDINARY! I have never felt anything like it.

We watched as the fireworks dazzled us, making the boat rumble with the power of them and fascinating all our senses. Everything seemed to stop and we took in the wonderment and exhilaration of the experience.


The kids barely spoke apart from some OH WOW’s. They were too engrossed in the whole thing.


We watched in silence for 12 minutes which seemed like 20. Steve and I shared a New Years kiss and cuddled into each other enjoying where we have come and celebrating where we now are.


When the fireworks stopped, we all cheered and breathed a sigh of delight. We had made it to Sydney and had just brought in the New Year watching Australia’s largest fireworks display.



We are at peace with everything.

We watched as the smoke slowly blew away. Then the Bridge lit up in lights20180101_002905 as the mass exodus of boats begun.

The kids stayed up till nearly 1am before retiring to bed. They were asleep within minutes.

Steve and I stayed up and watched the boats leave. It was almost as entertaining to watch them all leave as it was to watch the fireworks.

At around 12.30am boats started to move almost at once.

I wonder whether there was a signal that we didn’t get cause it was like a badly orchestrated symphony of boats had started.

Steve and I watched almost in admiration of how they all managed to move like that and not collide.

The party boats left, the Manly ferries started again with horn buttons readily used while the brightly coloured ships and ferries were all trying to make their way back to Circular Quay.

We sat and admired for 2 hours.

The space around us got surprisingly big very quickly.

We just sat in the quiet, appreciating each other and the life that we live. We finally went inside at 2.30am.

I awoke at 5am and went topside just to check our surroundings.


There was not a noise from anywhere.


I looked at the bridge and couldn’t believe it was the same one that dazzled us last night. Even it looked asleep.


As I went back to bed, I was thanking everything and everyone for the journey that we had taken to be here and as my head hit the pillow, I KNEW that this year was going to be an exhilarating one.

I am revelling in the journey that is unfolding before us and am anticipating all that is to come.

Let’s revel together in this MAGNIFICENT time.

Happy New Years to all of you.

Love from all of us here.

Zanny Harbars


Beccie is a World Renowned Artist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle

New Years Eve Craziness

Yesterday I posted on how blessed we were to find our spot near Taronga Zoo. 20171230_122108

What I didn’t update was it got stressful real quick.

We were anchored and as the wind was swinging us around we got close to other boats. So we upped and moved back.

We then dropped a second anchor.

We sat well for a while, then the wind picked up and our stern was swinging wildly.

Sumbawa weighs about 15t with a long keel, so she moves slowly. These other boats swing quickly. So by the time we swung around, they had swung back.

The southerlies had just kicked in, so we thought it prudent to drop a 3rd anchor off the stern just to keep our bum stable. We were into the wind. We also pulled back before we did to make sure we were clear of these 2 boats.

We were on watch and everything was good. We put Blade on watch and Steve and I went inside – for 20 mins.

We then asked Blade how our position was…… His answer showed us we should have stayed outside.

We were now surrounded by these 2 boats again as the southerly had picked up to 20 knots.

They told us to move…….kindly (my perception was ‘just leave us alone.’).

We looked at our anchor mark on the chart plotter. WE HADN’T MOVED!

We let them know of our anchors and Steve begun raising the stern anchor. It is a 36kg (80lbs) anchor and it was DUG IN! It took all Steve’s strength, and he has an immense amount of it, to lift it out of the mud.

Once that was done, he turned on the motor and tried to keep us into the wind as the older kids and I raised the rope anchor. We got most of it but it was so dug in, that we couldn’t pull it out. So we raised the chain one instead.

As we were pulling out of the mud, the capstan sounded like it would burn out. It was hard. There was a voices next to us conversing “Maybe we had moved. They are really dug in.” Grinding my teeth and swearing profusely under my breath, we continued to raise the chain anchor.

I then ran back to the cockpit, swapped with Steve and he came out to raise the last of the rope anchor. It took him 3 attempts to pull it out of the mud but it finally came free.

He then ran back to the cockpit and we changed places again.

We moved out closer to the bridge, dropped, pulled back an found that we were too close to a ketch. So we raised again.

Did I mention that it was dusk, so finding a spot before dark was paramount.

We then motored further towards the bridge and saw a huge opening. It looked great. We dropped, pulled and sat wonderfully.

We then looked at the view and realized how wonderful our new position was.

We would not have to do an anchor watch during the night, we had an even more tremendous view and it was so much calmer.

I became so thankful to those other boats. We we not meant to stay there. My annoyance, frustration and anxiety lifted immediately. This was incredible!20171231_124404

We sat outside for a while admiring our view. No other boats arrived and we were quiet. We watched as the lights were checked on the bridge ready for tonight. We saw an awesome light show late into the evening.

We were so grateful for everything that we had and were excited for tomorrow.

We then went to bed, no watches required and enjoyed an absolutely fabulous nights sleep.

We woke this morning to feeling fabulous, grateful and appreciation for our life, even with the bounce from the ferries.

All of yesterday’s frustration was worth it for this. I can’t express it enough.

So I want to send a heartfelt, honest, most wonderful Thank you to S/V Flying Cloud and S/V Evenstar. You provided us with such a wonderful situation. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH, THANK YOU!

So now we are settled, we are ready and our lives are so absolutely complete.

Also to you, Our followers. YOU are completely wonderous people whose lives inspire us to ours. We feel your love so freely and it fills our Beings!

We Really Love You All.



Zanny HarbarsIMG_1391


Beccie is a World Renowned Artist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle

Its Huge, Hot and Luxurious!

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yes it’s Huge, Hot and Luxurious and did I mention that it’s HUGE!

No I’m not talking about my husband, although…….. HA HA HA!

It’s our new….



We have never had an oven since moving aboard. Actually I didn’t even have an oven in our house as our wood oven didn’t work and we couldn’t use our electric because we were off grid. It was stupid on the juice, about 4000w per hr.

So for me, this is s..e..r..i..o..u..s luxury.

This is our old oven.


It was so rusty, that as we removed it, it fell apart. We hadn’t removed it earlier as it was great to put our camp stove on top of. Now we had a reason.

You wont believe that it gets better.

Not only did we get the oven but it was free – YES FREE!

It was given to us by Mick & Evie from S/V Superb. It’s a gorgeous catamaran with just as gorgeous owners.20171216_105818

They were upgrading their oven as the turkey for Christmas did not fit. They are having a big Chrissy aboard.

We were so happy to have been offered it and blown away. It fit a desire perfectly and it couldn’t have been better timing.

We installed it yesterday with great ease. Just a tiny bit bench mods and it just slipped in.

Isn’t it Beautiful!

No it’s not gimballed. It did have the facilities to but our galley does not. As the rabbit at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party always says “No Room!” This is our galley – No Room!

So please delight in our new, hot, luxurious addition.

You will see a cake soon. YUM.


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle

Ready For Some Controversy

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Are you ready for some controversy. HERE IT IS!

2017-12-20 09.14.37

Here is my revelation regarding the diet of an almost due woman.

I know what all the doctors and nutritionist say, I know what all you wonderful vegetarians and vegans say. You all have great points.

Yet now, my body is taking LOUDER!

Yes we live on a boat and have access to amazing food. There are farmers markets and fruit markets and markets for everything that surround us. But I really don’t want any of it.

On a hot day, I love some watermelon or a mango. It just sits nicely and so refreshing. But only a little.

My body is craving fats and protein………with some sugar too.

It’s just right at this end bit. I only have a few weeks to go and my desire for foods have changed.

So here is a little of my own controversy added to your day.

This is my diet.2017-12-20 09.38.00

Yes, really.

A steak for breaky, cooked in oil and butter with salt and pepper. That’s it. I eat that just by itself. This is followed by either an OJ with the ice or just the ice.

Lunch is half the block of choc followed by about 5 cups of ice.

I don’t eat afternoon tea right now unless I am out.

Then dinner is another steak, cooked exactly the same as breakfast followed by the other half of the chocolate with another 8 cups of ice.

Then bed.

Yes, I can hear the yelling and the screaming. I get it, I do. My body doesn’t though.

The meat is digested so fast that it doesn’t sit in my stomach. The choc is used fast too. The ice is just SUPER, DUPER YUMMY and with this, I feel complete.

I don’t know how long it will last but for right now, I feel great.

I hope that you have laughed more at this than screamed at it and if you have, know that pregnant cravings are weird and don’t last. There, There. It’s all good.

Ha Ha Ha!


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yep! You read it right, we have been on the boat as a family for a year. What a year it has been!


This picture was taken 6 days after moving aboard Sumbawa

We left Tassie on the 3rd December last year, took a day sailing to Melbourne where Steve had caught 2 buses and a train to meet up with us.

After tears of joy, laughter and delight, we had F&C’s (fish and chips) for dinner then headed straight off. We wanted to see how far back to Eden we could get before stopping.

We drove through to Trafalgar where we stopped at McDonalds for a snack. The staff was so impressed with the kids, one of the members paid for all the kids ice creams and another paid for Steve’s and mine.

It was a wonderful start to our new adventure.

We ended up making it just past Caan River before we needed to sleep. This was about 2am.

We awoke at around 4.30 and continued onto Eden.

So on the 4th of December, we officially moved onboard.

We moved aboard with only the smallest of lessons under our belt. We were newbies for sure.

So a whole year has passed and look at us now.received_10155026571188176

We not only learned to sail and repair sails in Eden but how to handle the boat.

We have sailed all the way from Eden to Sydney and have enjoyed all the fantastic towns and beautiful people along the way.

We discovered Ulladulla and what it was to be tied to a dock for a week.ld-log_map_2017-07-19_17-38-21

We saw the beauty of Jervis Bay along with its ferocious wind tunnel entrance.20170721_135905

We experienced wonderful Cronulla and met amazing friends.

We saw our first whales up close and have experienced dolphins jumping around the boat while underway.

The kids discovered the wonderment of public transport and still love going on all the trains, buses and trams.

Then we all experienced the excitement, the majesty and the awe of Sydney.

We discovered that Sydney from the water is truly majestic. The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House have an amazing aire about them. That sailing past them gives us a WOW feeling everytime.

We also discovered the people.

People everywhere are Amazing!

So our celebrations on our first year aboard were simple. I was gifted with a HUGE Toblerone,20171204_175525 we had cake with ice cream8908 and we gifted Sumbawa with her upgraded alternator….finally. 20170819_201228

There was a man we met here in Blackwattle Bay a few weeks ago and he came back this week.

His name is Sam and he offered to buy the kids a box of chocolates. We said that was fine and this is what he came back with.

10 Boxes of chocolate, 1 for each child and a HUGE fruit bread for Steve and I.

He has invited us aboard his boat. It is a 92 foot power cruiser. He wants to show us around it and spend some time with the kids as we head north.

This was a spectacular end to our 1 year birthday aboard Sumbawa.

We have learned so much about the world around us living like this. We have removed all tv and the like. We rediscovered the beauty and kindness of people. We have found gorgeous places and seen spectacular wildlife. This year has shown us just how wonderful this planet of ours is.

We look forward to finding more of its hidden gems throughout the next year.

Happy First Birthday for all of us.


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle

All Inside-Out

20171203_195620Hi Amazing Peeps,

Today is a full moon.  On a full moon, people are meant to feel amazing, crazy and wonderful.

Today I feel energetically heavy. It is all upside down.

The last few days, I have felt incredible. I am sleeping fantastic, waking up around 2 or 3am, painting for a couple of hours then going back to bed. When I awake again, I still feel amazing.

Today was different. I woke up feeling weird and it has just got weirder throughout the day. I was ready to curl up in bed at 6pm.

No, it’s not me being up in the night. I am so energized when doing this painting because it is my first original, fantastic, awesome, superb, magnificently awesome masterpiece. I love every moment that I am painting it. And I get more done in that couple of hours than in a day of painting trying to dodge knocks and stopping for kids. It is SO worth it.

Even with this magnificent life on the water, there are days that I want to hide away from the world, days that I want to disappear and re-emerge tomorrow.

Thankfully these days don’t last long.

I am looking forward to my bubbly self tomorrow.

I feel your love gravitating towards me. Thank you for that.

I love you all.



(Zanny Harbars are great)

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle 


Sumbawa on TV

Hi Amazing Peeps,

On our trip to Quarantine Bay, there was a huge film crew there. It turned out that they were filming the season premiere of a show called Bite Club.

It is about shark attacks – yes another one.

It was really quite cool to see.

We saw a girl nearly drown or get eaten or whatever. She had to drown or get eaten three times.20171128_161441

When they cut, she would lay on the surface, surrounded by divers who were there for her safety.

We watched as she waited in the water while her rescuer had his hair done, his makeup touched up and get ready for his part. They would yell action and he would jump in the water, swim to her, grab her violently and then they would yell “cut.”

He would get out, dry off, get changed into a dry set of exactly the same clothes, have his hair dried, sprayed and makeup redone and in he would go again.

When ever there were actors in the water, they were surrounded by divers. This was to make sure they were ok, I suppose. At one scene they even had a floating drink dispenser for when they got thirsty.

We watched bags of fake blood be bought to the shallows, the actress in wet clothes go to chest high in the water, duck under the water and be eaten by an imaginary shark over and over again. I’m pretty sure by the end of the takes that they would be force feeding her to the shark. It surely wasn’t hungry anymore.

I know, it’s a movie.

We watched a scene where the lead actor would run to the end of the pier as fast has he could, just as a boat took off. He would then stand at the end and contemplate jumping in after it.

The first time he sprinted off, the second time he ran. The third time he ran with a limp, the fourth time it was more like a jog and instead of contemplating jumping off, he just bent over, hand on his knees trying to catch his breath.

Steve yelled out “Stop hesitating, the water’s great!” We all then laughed.

I joked that the next time he could just walk it and they just speed up the footage. He was exhausted.

The crew was great with the kids. As we would walk past, the crew would talk to the kids and ask them about our adventures. It was awesome.

Anyway, they filmed right near Sumbawa. I know that they will do a bunch of editing and deleting but I am curious on whether Sumbawa got in the movie.

We have no tv on board – we don’t want one and this is not something that we would watch anyway. But if anyone sees Sumbawa on the season premiere, please let us know.

A tinny background shot in a movie is pretty cool.

Time to go and swim in the clear, shallow water that they are filming in.

Thanks guys


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle 


We were in Quarantine

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Today we went to Quarantine Bay with Andrew and Nicola from S/V Day Dream. We went for a look around Sydney Quarantine Station.

We had a cool day of exploring all the buildings. Seeing everything from the decontamination sheds20171128_123344 and showers

, to where they steamed their luggage from the Spanish flu.20171128_123516

The carvings in the sandstone walls were amazing. Such detail in them. Well as Mr. Andrew said ‘they had plenty of time.’

We saw a possum in the bush which alerted a tour guide. She said that she would monitor it and then Steve, Andrew, Tash and I spoke to her for a while, not realizing that Nicola had all the other kids up ahead.

We finally caught up again, we then went through the area with bunks and the medicine that was used during the late 1800’s to around 1920. It made me feel so blessed to be living now and not then. We have learned so much in 100 years.

We took a walk up a large staircase to the accommodation which is used as a motel now.20171128_130843

Andrew pointed out where an old kitchen was. There was a small area that looked like a stage that the kids “flew” off.

We then headed to the kitchen.

It was a HUGE old kitchen. It was great to see the old woodfire oven and the huge fridge.

It had some comfortable chairs and tables so we sat and had lunch here.20171128_133255

Blade amazed Andrew and Nicola as he worked out how to operate the oven and perfectly balance the old scales.

Then the kids made us all an imaginary meal of offal porridge, shepherds pie with baked potatoes, homemade ice cream with frozen strawberries and strawberry custard. I don’t remember all of these but Blade is adamant that is what we had. Mrs. Nicola even got a whisk to eat with.

After a good sit and a great chat and play, we were off to find the old hospital.20171128_140040 It was a bit of a walk and poor Azanyah was feeling the heat.

We looked around the old dining room and through the windows of some of the hospital rooms. It was really interesting but by now Azanyah was very red in the face and quite slow so Andrew picked him up and put Azanyah on his shoulders while we headed back to the beach.20171128_131431

Once we arrived back at the dinghy, the kids raced into the water. It was soon followed by myself and Andrew while Steve and Nicola took their own time to get wet. Once in though, it was hard to get Steve out.

Nicola sat on the beach and played with Zeinobiyah.  Surprising us all, Zeinobiyah not only played with Nicola but was getting her ankles wet and she was talking to Nicola as well. I was really amazed and delighted. Zeinobiyah is usually very quiet around people. It was fantastic to see her interacting with other people.

After a couple of hours frolicking in the water, I was getting tired and was ready to head back. So we left the beach and headed home.

Once aboard the stories of the different conversations ensued.

We heard how Mrs. Nicola said this and Mr. Andrew said that and “Guess what Mum” this and “Did you know” that. This went on until dinner time.

Craziness always happens about this time and it took till 9pm to get everyone in bed.

It was a great day, with great people enjoying the wonderful weather.

I am full of Gratitude for the life that we live and the AMAZING people that we meet. We are all growing and expanding in this wonderful existence that we have created.

I am so Grateful to be able to share these experiences with you all as well. Spreading joy and happiness is so important to me.

Thank you for sharing these things with us.

Love you all.

Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


Hi Amazing Peeps,

This is just a quick ‘My Kids are so Awesome’ post.

They have been so creative lately, it has really surprised me. Well that is a small lie. My creative side has really come out, why not theirs too. It is just what they come up with blows my mind sometimes.

They have taken to the painting, just like their mum.

Then there is the blue tack figures. They did this for days.

The Lego figures and models that they make are incredible.

And then they dress their teddies up as scuba divers. It is the accuracy that blows my mind. They seem to think of everything.

Even the 1 year old. She had a nap too late and we were still trying to get her to sleep at 11pm. Even she wanted to play anchors with a rope and a bottle tied to it.

They are so creative! IT’S REALLY COOL!

That’s it for now.

Have a great evening.


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle