Meet the Family

Welcome to our Family.

Here is the Captain Steve.

20171030_171621 He has worked in a vast number of industries. He began is working career doing an apprenticeship in floor coverings with his father. He moved into carpentry and then security and there he stayed until 2 stomach operations stopped that.

We then moved to Tasmania.

He then studied Civil Engineering and worked as a drafting technician at JMG, did Metal Fabrication and worked at Tailor Bros. repairing and installing pipeworks on ships including the Aurora Australis.

From there came Business and Marketing studies where he designed a TAT and a Likert Scale for the Tasmanian Polytechnic at the time

This led to studying Body Language, first on his own by creating images and video files on peoples behaviour. Then he took went and studied Psychology at the UTAS.

After a disruption to this while Azanyah was in hospital, living on a boat became a real desire.

After a few sailing lessons and a night aboard a boat, then waking up to a spectacular views of North Bruny Island, he was hooked.


Introducing First Mate Beccie (Me!).20171108_154052

My beginnings are humble.  I worked as a secretary in a bookkeepers house for 2 years yet I longed to be outside.

I met Steve when I was 17, married him at 18 and begun working with him in floor coverings and carpentry.  I loved working physically and outside.  I didn’t like working in people’s homes. Then Natasha arrived 19 months later.

I tried to get back into secretary work from home but it never stuck.  I needed to be creative.

We then bought a farm just outside of Oatlands, Tasmania where we raised goats for a time.  I milked 6 goats every morning for about a year. After that we went to cows.

During this time I discovered something profound.

I found that I am not a farmer. It just did not gel with who I am. I did find that I was very good at killing them though along with most plants in the place as well.  Discovery is enlightening – for me. Not so much for the poor animals or plants.

I needed something new and living on a boat seemed to just pop up.

I went on a race in Hobart with the same teacher that taught Steve.  It was so much fun even though I was 36 weeks pregnant with number 10.

I learned a lot and was hooked. So here we are.


Introducing the Tribe

Natasha is our Queen on one-liner puns.

20170910_190558 She has a one-liner for almost every situation and she is quick with them. Natasha is also writing her own book, plays the ukulele and writes her own songs. Natasha is full of cheek, loves the world around her but her alternate love is SPANISH!

Blade is Mr. Technical.

20170815_140006  He will tell you how almost every part in our boat runs as well as what he has read about other boats. I loves building with Lego, loves anything mechanical and helping people

Ryan is the Chef.

20171123_185044He will cook at a whim.  He will fight his brothers and sisters to be the one to cook.  He loves food.  He is a great silly story-teller and laughs so hard at his own stories, he rolls around on the ground in hysterics.

Nakita is our Miss Universe.

20171103_182226She will do pull-ups on the companion way, she can do more push ups than the boys and loves showing them up.  She also loves to play tricks on her brothers and sisters and us. Her evil laugh comes out with her quick wit and comebacks.

Alec is Mr. Helpful.

20170919_154156  He loves to get involved in everything we do.  He is also great at building Lego, loves to be cheeky and is very good at fighting with the siblings.  I am sure it is an art to him.

Hunter is the Ultimate Prankster.

20170914_203857He will do things just to annoy is siblings and laugh hysterically in the process.  If anyone is going to be responsible for a practical joke, it is Hunter.  His almost unstoppable desire to antagonize is astonishing.  He is forever happy and also loves to play.

Amlayah is our little Photo jumper-in.

20171103_182220 Amlayah seems to find a way into any photo and makes a silly face. She loves to coerce her siblings into doing her jobs and just is fun.  Amlayah loves the water, is extremely proud of her self as we are and is as strong as an ox.  Her smiles are contagious.

Yahsha is Mr. Discovery.

20171205_135354He wants to do everything.  When he goes out with Dad, he does everything that Dad does.  He loves being in the dinghy, raising the fenders, working the sheets and just helping with everything.  New adventures call to him and he loves to find never before seen items, such a buses and trams.  Also every fish he pulls up seems to be a new species of fish.  It is incredible his ability to discover.

Azanyah is our Laughing Man.

20171205_135358  He laughs at everything! When he is on the dingy, he sits up the front like a puppy dog, loving every minute.  He laughs at his own hiccups, at fish, at sailing – just everything.  Azanyah’s laughter is so infectious that the whole boat can be in fits of laughter just listening to him laugh.

Zeinobiyah is Miss Independent.

20171014_121416She is the youngest but loves to do everything herself.  She gets annoyed if we don’t understand what she is saying.  She will not be pushed around by her siblings.  She loves to compete with Azanyah.  She is wonderfully strong and happy.

That is our Family.

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Zanny Harbars