To All Followers

Hi Amazing Peeps,

For anyone who has been following our Blog but not subscribed, we have moved.  Our web address is still the same

You will just need to subscribe to continue to see these posts.

The site is active and I am working on getting the subscription part active.  Please keep trying.  All is going great.

Love you all

Zanny Harbours

6 thoughts on “To All Followers”

  1. Mr David 1 here. Found the blog and will keep checking from Texas and Wyoming. Good luck with ‘littl’ Davo’ and see you after 7 March, either at Chinaman’s or Pittwater.
    Keep practicing that kicking. Love David Lawson

    1. Hi Mr. David 1. That is awesome that you will keep checking in. We will let you know when bubs is born. Have Happy Celebrations on your trip. Love the Sumbawa Tribe

  2. Hi Beccie – I hope your pregnancy is going well and that all has calmed down. I know you’re on the verge of delivering a baby and that the timing of this is not ideal, but we are another family traveling around the world and would love to meet you guys, even if briefly, before we leave Sydney to continue our travels. We are only here for a few more weeks. Our kids would especially love to meet your kids – I think it would be mutually inspirational. We will come to you to make it as easy as possible.

    1. Theresa, it is great to hear from you. I sent you a text message to the phone number that Kristin sent me. We would love to meet up with you. I don’t know how you get around, we only use public transport. We just need to figure where and when. So excited!

  3. stephen matthews

    Great to see some of the kids on deck this morning (I chatted to them from my kayak). Good luck with the birth

    1. Thanks Stephen, I hope you had a good chat. They seem to be making sails this morning. They love chatting to everyone. When you come round again, please introduce yourself as Mr. Stephen and they’ll remember. Have a great day

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