We Are Back Online

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yes we are back online.

I am making this website bigger and better than the last.  Forgive me if it is still on the go, I just wanted to show you all.

In the meantime, I will tell you what has happening while we STILL await the arrival of bubs.

We have discovered the whole of Mosman seems to be waiting for bubs.  We have people come up everyday asking “has Mum had the baby yet.” It is very sweet and we are a little surprised.

The kids have also met a number of kayakers, one in particular named Mr. David.  He works for the AFL and does Auskick in schools around Sydney.

We met him on the beach here and he taught the kids football (Aussie Rules football).  We are not football fans and in asking the kids what football was, their answers ranged everything from American football, the one with the basket in the sky and soccer. It was really funny.

We spent 2 hours this morning with Mr. David while he taught the kids, had running races

and let the older ones have a go in his kayak. Poor Mr. David was exhausted and he had to paddle home.

While on the beach, a young girl came up to me with a bag. She said “This is from my Granddad.” I said thank you and ask who her Granddad was.  She replied with “Ken.” This was the artist Ken Done who lives by the water here.

I met Ken and Judy Done about 2 weeks ago while going for a walk.  They are a lovely couple and Ken gave us a bottle of Champagne for the impending bubs. It is on ice till bubs arrives.

Today we were given a book of his artwork.  It is an amazing book, with such diverse artwork in it.  His painting style is so unique, almost childlike and wonderful.  The colours are fantastic!

Myself and 6 of the kids, went to say Thank you to them.  Ken was up in his studio.  We talked with Judy, their 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  Judy said that they look every morning through the binoculars to see if I still have a huge belly. We said how we wave whenever we see anyone about.

We have had others too say that the Done’s have been looking out for us.  It is such a nice sentiment.  Judy even offered us her washing machine to use.  I declined because I am SURE most people have no idea how much washing there is.  It was an amazing offer though.

Actually, we have actually caught up on the washing.  It is because everyone is only wearing bathers or just underwear.  It makes the washing quite easy.

The rest of the days have been spent swimming.  Amlayah had a fantastic experience during the week. She was swimming around the boat with a tiny boogie board.  Then she was jumping off the stern with it.  Amlayah was having heaps of fun until one jump off the stern, the board flew out of her hands once she hit the water. She had no support.

She came to the surface panicking. I was in the water and just watched for a moment.  She started to doggie paddle madly.  She made it, BY HERSELF to the dinghy.  Natasha, Blade and I were all shepherding her but we let her do it.  We were so proud of her and she was more proud of herself.

From that point on, she has been swimming all by herself. No floatation device required.  She is loving her new skill and does it at every opportunity including jumping off the boat and swimming back to the dinghy.

With this Hunter and Alec, her older brothers were a little intimidated by her new skill. So they ditched their boogie boards too and are now swimming around the boat too.  We now have 7 official swimmers with only Yahsha who is 4 and Azanyah who is 3 still using boogie boards.  Zeinobiyah still hates getting in the water but we are getting her in there more and more.

So is what has been happening on Sumbawa lately. I am sure there has been a lot more but there is not the time to write it all.

As for the new site, I am still setting it up but if you notice anything that is out-of-place or you have any suggestions, please let me know.  I love your input.

Thank you for your incredible patience.

Love you all.

Zanny Harbars


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