I’ll let you in on it.

Hi Amazing Peeps,

I know that I have been quiet but I have really needed it.

As all of you know, we have 10 wonderful kids. We have had 5 in hospitals, like normal people and 5 at home with only Steve as my midwife, like super crazy people.

Yes, it is true that in late Jan my waters broke. I had a fall in the cockpit but managed to catch myself on a rope swing we had made for the kids. So I only hit lightly. The waters only trickled and continued to do so.

I did not tell the hospital this as they were only going by my original guess due date – 15 Jan.

The first ultrasound (I think I was already 38 weeks by my guess) said 1st Feb. In that ultrasound, they said there was one anomaly. Bubs was having trouble sending blood back to the placenta. Not good.

They said I had two options 1). Induce immediately or 2). Get a second opinion. I chose the latter.

On the 15 Jan, I had the second ultrasound. Bubby had no trouble sending blood back, it was the sonographer not bubs who had trouble – PHEW!

Then they had their own concerns. Bubs was too small to be due on the 15 Jan. They put my due date at the 16 Feb, a WHOLE MONTH past my guess.

Just to clarify, why had I guessed my date? Because I had no clue when I actually got pregnant. It was sometime while in Eden and I was still breastfeeding Zeinobiyah. Hence the guess based on when I thought my last menstrual period was.

So back to now.

I left the second ultrasound and before I was even got off the bus coming home, the hospital had called.

They saw the report that bubs was small so guess what……wanted to induce.

My exact words “Hang on! Bubs is too small at my guess date. Clearly that means that I was wrong. Why would you induce when we could just let it stay in there and grow?”

They said but what if it can’t grow. Something might be terribly wrong blah, blah, blah.

I’m not having too much of a go at them, they do amazing work and are incredible people. They like to add too much fear. I have done this 10 times. This baby is inside ME! As a mom-to-be, you can feel if something is off. Bubs was Great. I said NO, I will wait.

They respected that decision and called back exactly a week later. “You really should come in for a scan. You are now 41 weeks.” They were still going off my guess date. I said NO bubs is moving wonderfully, there a hiccups and we both feel good.

The calls kept coming, so by Jan 29, I turned off my phone. No phone calls, very little social media, I just went dark.

The stress was getting too much.

After the waters broke….well trickled, nothing happened. I went swimming, did squats and even walked up the ridiculous hill from Chinaman’s beach to Spit Junction to look at the art gallery there. Still nothing.

The 1st Feb came and went and still bubs is content. Lots of movements but no bubs. The false labours are stupid though. I get tightnings for hours but nothing progresses. Then I wake in the morning saying “Are you kidding me! You keep me awake half the night and then just stop.” Or I wake and just say “Oh No baby yet” like it would magically appear by itself overnight.

I am writing this to you on the morning of the 6th of Feb and bubs is still in my belly.

I know that we are going against the trend but I know, at this point we are all good. Trust me.

We even met friends the other day that said I needed to go into hospital because it would make THEM feel better. It is not about other people, it is about me. It is not even about what Steve thinks, these are MY decisions because I am in contact with bubs.

I am going to stay offline until bubs is born. When that happens, I don’t know. I will be in hospital in a second if something was wrong but as we are speaking now bubs is doing a bunch of bubby stuff.

Bear with me people. I love you all so much. We all are just waiting for when this little one decides to make its appearance.

On that, we have a poll going in our house – Boy or Girl & Date of Arrival.

We are split 50/50 on the Boy Girl but the dates range anywhere from Yesterday to the 20 Feb (I think that’s just mean) ha ha ha.

Feel free to have your say in the comments on whether you think Boy or Girl and the date you think it will come.

Have a great day all.



Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the Most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot abd an Oracle 

3 thoughts on “I’ll let you in on it.”

  1. Bless you , it is your baby , no one else’s !
    It is a Boy ..( girls are a lot quieter ) lol..
    Take good care .
    Awaiting more posts.

  2. Dearest Beccie, Steve and Family

    Thank you oh so much for letting us know the saga of events. As I said before we appreciate your privacy but were so worried about you all, when you went off air. Now we understand you are letting nature take its course and we are sure everything will be fine. You know your own body! if all goes according to your pattern it should be a girl and we don’t have any idea of the date but for your sake in this heat we trust it is before the 20th of Feb.

    All our love and very best wishes – Sue and Mike

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