It Is Almost Here


Hi Incredibly Amazing Peeps,

Sydney has been hit with some record-breaking weather. It topped 47° degrees (116F) in Penrith this week.

Lucky for us, we were nowhere near Penrith, we were anchored in Mosman, just off China Man’s beach. This is a great place to swim and hide out from the Southerly winds. Even when the northerly hits, it’s not bad at all, so worth staying.

The weather has been hot and I have had many questions about how I am managing the heat.

I am doing good.

Yes it is hot but I swim most days even if it’s just for 10 minutes to cool off. It is wonderfully warm in the water here and floating around is so nice. I have even started practicing my swim strokes. So day times are great.

The nights are the worst part.

We only have one small wall mounted fan onboard that was here when we got her. It is juicy, so we only run it in short bursts.

We also have a 16 man life raft onboard that sits right above our hatch, it we can only open the hatch a crack. The hot weather and limited airflow can make our room very hot!

I often have trouble getting to sleep on the hot nights and staying asleep, once there is a rarity. I regularly get up at least once a night, go outside just for some air. Right now, it is 1:55am and I am sitting outside enjoying the breeze while I talk with you.

So that’s my struggling point at the moment.

As for these photos, yes the bikini has come out. Steve and I were mentioning how brown the kids were, they are seriously brown. We looked at my belly and said it was SO white. I wore the bikini every day and swam almost everyday but always covered up.

Steve said to me one day ‘Why are you so covered? What beliefs are you holding onto that make you feel that you need too?’ (His started studying again).

I thought about this and realized that I had an image in my mind of what others saw of me. That I would be laughed at or criticized for being so open.

Steve then asked ‘Has this ever happened to me before or just imagined?’ You know what, it never had. It was all in my mind. This was freeing.

With this knowledge, I went to the beach, took off my top and jumped in. It was SO GOOD to feel the water surround my body like that.

And in just 2 weeks, my belly is now brown.


We have got almost everything for bubby’s arrival now too. We bought a bucket that will work as a perfect baby bath and I was given baby clothes. You know that I hadn’t even thought about them. We have so many clothes onboard, I hadn’t thought about what bubs would wear. We didn’t bring any aboard because I wasn’t intending to get pregnant again. It was only when they were offered did I go ‘Oh yeh, we probably need those.’ HA HA HA!

I also have a hospital appointment on Thursday for the last-minute checkup.

I am really excited now to have this baby. I love labour, because I feel so connected to my body, the baby and everything around me. I know that I am going to hold my little one and that spurs me on. I am anticipating the start of it as I know I will have this beautiful thing in my arms soon enough.

It is time for me to retire back to bed, enjoying some sleep. I will talk with you all soon.

Love you all.

Zanny Harbars  

Beccie is a World Renowned Artist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


One thought on “It Is Almost Here

  1. Dearest Beccie and all the family

    We are thinking of you – especially in the heat. Needless to say we are eager for news and I know by know you must be wishing the event was all over and the new babe aboard and part of the family. All our loving thoughts and the biggest hugs are being sent along with this message. Sue and Mike

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