20180101_001030Welcome to the New Year Amazing Peeps!

I bet your New Years is FANTASTIC!

We are having an awesome time.

I told you in our last post (read here) about our anchoring off Taronga Zoo. It was challenging but ended up being superb.


We sat in our spot and continued to watch the craziness unfold. People were moving in, vying for positions, trying to find the optimal spot.

We sat, watched and were amazed at the crazy behaviour around us. It was so entertaining.

At around 4pm the real festivities began. The music was going, the dancing and drinking were in full swing. We only had a bit of music and dancing around us which was a blast to see.


I got up to show them how it’s done by exposing my belly and making it really dance. It was hysterical!

At 5pm, we then had our own commotion.

Azanyah (his 3) was standing on the upper deck when a power boat raced by. It caused a wake and he lost his balance, hitting his head on the bullhorns. It was quickly followed by screaming and a ridiculous amount of blood.

I looked straight away to see a HUGE gash on his head. The captain was called immediately.

There was some kuffufle involving iodine and superglue. We were unsure whether it needed a hospital visit but we thought that we would monitor him. I checked him for concussion but his response was amazing, so we just sat and watched. It didn’t even slow him down. He was running, jumping and fighting within 5 minutes with no sign of any downturn.

Our night progressed as normal.

After a huge amount of sugar, the kids were ready for the 9pm fireworks. They were fascinated when they came. Even the little ones were in awe. It was great to observe them

and the fireworks.

As soon as they were done, there was applauding and horn tooting. It was a great atmosphere.

Then the night progressed and my surprise came in.

I thought that by the 9pm fireworks that all the boats would have found their spots. Boy was I wrong.

There was more jostling and moving all evening. I couldn’t understand why.

The 2 little ones went to sleep and were put inside. No one else wanted to go inside and all bar 3 of them slept on the deck, the 3 stayed awake. 2 even slept on the cockpit roof.

We watched and waited in anticipation of the final countdown.

We woke Tash at 11.45pm and the others at 11.50pm.

There was a wonderful energy in the air.

Then the 90 second countdown came up on the Bridge pylon. We counted down the entire way! It was so exciting.

We got to 10 seconds and everyone got louder – 10. 9. 8. 7. We were bouncing now – 6. 5. 4. Everyone is now yelling at the top of their lungs – 3. 2. The suspense was almost too much – 1.



Horns blasted, people cheered as fireworks exploded over our heads. It was EXTRAORDINARY! I have never felt anything like it.

We watched as the fireworks dazzled us, making the boat rumble with the power of them and fascinating all our senses. Everything seemed to stop and we took in the wonderment and exhilaration of the experience.


The kids barely spoke apart from some OH WOW’s. They were too engrossed in the whole thing.


We watched in silence for 12 minutes which seemed like 20. Steve and I shared a New Years kiss and cuddled into each other enjoying where we have come and celebrating where we now are.


When the fireworks stopped, we all cheered and breathed a sigh of delight. We had made it to Sydney and had just brought in the New Year watching Australia’s largest fireworks display.



We are at peace with everything.

We watched as the smoke slowly blew away. Then the Bridge lit up in lights20180101_002905 as the mass exodus of boats begun.

The kids stayed up till nearly 1am before retiring to bed. They were asleep within minutes.

Steve and I stayed up and watched the boats leave. It was almost as entertaining to watch them all leave as it was to watch the fireworks.

At around 12.30am boats started to move almost at once.

I wonder whether there was a signal that we didn’t get cause it was like a badly orchestrated symphony of boats had started.

Steve and I watched almost in admiration of how they all managed to move like that and not collide.

The party boats left, the Manly ferries started again with horn buttons readily used while the brightly coloured ships and ferries were all trying to make their way back to Circular Quay.

We sat and admired for 2 hours.

The space around us got surprisingly big very quickly.

We just sat in the quiet, appreciating each other and the life that we live. We finally went inside at 2.30am.

I awoke at 5am and went topside just to check our surroundings.


There was not a noise from anywhere.


I looked at the bridge and couldn’t believe it was the same one that dazzled us last night. Even it looked asleep.


As I went back to bed, I was thanking everything and everyone for the journey that we had taken to be here and as my head hit the pillow, I KNEW that this year was going to be an exhilarating one.

I am revelling in the journey that is unfolding before us and am anticipating all that is to come.

Let’s revel together in this MAGNIFICENT time.

Happy New Years to all of you.

Love from all of us here.

Zanny Harbars


Beccie is a World Renowned Artist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


2 thoughts on “TO THE NEW YEAR!

  1. Fantastic! Enjoyed every word! What an experience! Glad you guys had the chance to see that, we only see it on TV!. Hope all goes well for No. 11…lots of love to you all xxx Captain Rog and crew julie

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