Sumbawa on TV

Hi Amazing Peeps,

On our trip to Quarantine Bay, there was a huge film crew there. It turned out that they were filming the season premiere of a show called Bite Club.

It is about shark attacks – yes another one.

It was really quite cool to see.

We saw a girl nearly drown or get eaten or whatever. She had to drown or get eaten three times.20171128_161441

When they cut, she would lay on the surface, surrounded by divers who were there for her safety.

We watched as she waited in the water while her rescuer had his hair done, his makeup touched up and get ready for his part. They would yell action and he would jump in the water, swim to her, grab her violently and then they would yell “cut.”

He would get out, dry off, get changed into a dry set of exactly the same clothes, have his hair dried, sprayed and makeup redone and in he would go again.

When ever there were actors in the water, they were surrounded by divers. This was to make sure they were ok, I suppose. At one scene they even had a floating drink dispenser for when they got thirsty.

We watched bags of fake blood be bought to the shallows, the actress in wet clothes go to chest high in the water, duck under the water and be eaten by an imaginary shark over and over again. I’m pretty sure by the end of the takes that they would be force feeding her to the shark. It surely wasn’t hungry anymore.

I know, it’s a movie.

We watched a scene where the lead actor would run to the end of the pier as fast has he could, just as a boat took off. He would then stand at the end and contemplate jumping in after it.

The first time he sprinted off, the second time he ran. The third time he ran with a limp, the fourth time it was more like a jog and instead of contemplating jumping off, he just bent over, hand on his knees trying to catch his breath.

Steve yelled out “Stop hesitating, the water’s great!” We all then laughed.

I joked that the next time he could just walk it and they just speed up the footage. He was exhausted.

The crew was great with the kids. As we would walk past, the crew would talk to the kids and ask them about our adventures. It was awesome.

Anyway, they filmed right near Sumbawa. I know that they will do a bunch of editing and deleting but I am curious on whether Sumbawa got in the movie.

We have no tv on board – we don’t want one and this is not something that we would watch anyway. But if anyone sees Sumbawa on the season premiere, please let us know.

A tinny background shot in a movie is pretty cool.

Time to go and swim in the clear, shallow water that they are filming in.

Thanks guys


Zanny Harbars

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