What is this!

20171110_114455Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yes we are being boring and haven’t moved from Blackwattle Bay. There is a reason for this.

We seemed to have got this……thing. It’s not a flu because there is not a lot coughing or nose running, it’s just It is an energy sucking something.

Steve had it first. He woke up, got up, went outside then went back to bed for the day. He ended up spending 2 whole days in bed. The third day, he got up wondering what he would do Today, walked around the deck and by then was completely drained. It was intense.

This was followed by Nakita getting it, then Blade and some smaller ones and now me

I woke up yesterday morning and felt like I didn’t have enough energy to get out of bed. After 2 coffees, I took 3 kids down the street to Coles for an ice run and food.

Getting back, I went to sleep on the saloon couch. This morning, I barely have enough energy to sit.

S/V Day Dream had it before us and I think that it has been going around.

I can officially say that IT’S HORRIBLE!

So before I bore you on our non-action, I will stop writing.

Thanks all you wonderful peeps for you amazingness.

Love you all like the crazy tribe that we are.


Zanny Harbars

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