The Most Fun on One Foot

Hi Amazing Peeps,

We have found the most fun way to get around Sydney!

Like this.20171101_172003

We found a scooter under the water at the Fish Markets and got it out. We then bought another one.

The one we fished out of the bay had crabs in it, a few barnacles and it didn’t move at all. We gave the job of cleaning it up to Blade. Actually he begged for it. Everything got working except for the folding at this point. We will work on that one.

It was taken to shore and tried. It works great.

Steve then went out and bought another. The newer one is bigger so perfect for the adults where the older one is definitely a kids one.

I took one out with Tash the other day. IT WAS SO COOL! I think that I laughed the entire way to Coles.20171101_172004

Coming back was just fun,  it was all downhill. Tash and I were trying to see who could roll the furthest without putting our foot down. Tash won! I was kind enough to stop for people, Tash just scooted around them.

I didn’t have a scooter as a kid so I am making up for all that laughing and squealing now.

I must look a sight – 30 weeks pregnant scooting around the city. I think I could make the Guinness World Records for the first pregnant woman on a scooter. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been done. How about the first woman who is pregnant with her 11 child on a scooter? That I might win. Yes this is probably the most unflattering picture ever but it is the one I have. I can laugh at it.20171101_172222

We also took Blade and Alec out on them while I walked (not fun at all now)20171029_125527 and also Nakita and Ryan.

Nakita fell on the way back and hurt her ankle. I ended up carrying one bag on my back, one on top of my belly at the front.

It was hard but a tiny relief for me. I had just thrown on a t-shirt sports bra that morning. When down the street, I was getting funny looks from women, it was clear disgust. I usually don’t get too fussed at these sort of things but it kept happening.

I then caught a glimpse of myself in a window on the way back. I saw that not only was the t-shirt bra doing almost nothing but it was clearly cold in the supermarket which my breasts were now advertising to the world.

So when Kita fell (she was fine), having her pack on my front, although really heavy was a comfort to me.

But this is Sydney, I am sure almost anything goes.

So for those of you who are walking everywhere, get yourself a scooter. They are small, light and unless found in a bay, can fold up to fit in a backpack. The best bit of it is that they are SO MUCH FUN!

We have no dinner which is kind of a problem. So I am off to scoot through or around the rain drops. It will still be fun.


Zanny Harbars

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