Tears and Moving On

Photo by Nicola Newman.  www.nicolanewman.com/

“We will meet again. We may not look the same but we are men of the sea. Which means we are the same.” Nick Dwyer

Hi Amazing Peeps,

This week has been full of tears. Good ones and sad ones too.

We have been in Blackwattle Bay for nearly 2 weeks and from my last post, we mentioned Nick and Barbara from S/V VAL were leaving.

Well they didn’t!

Until yesterday.

By Nicola Newman. www.nicolanewman.com/

We had plenty of time onboard VAL with them, having drinks, kids playing hide-n-seek and just having a wonderful time. Yet as we now know as sailors, life and people need to move on.

We have land friends here in Lane Cove that want to keep us here, but that is not for us. We want adventure, new people, places, sites and oceans. This is why we sail. We do not want to stop.

All sailors are the same.

Although we are VERY sad that Nick and Barbara have to leave, we understand that as sailors, that is what we do. We move to grow and learn.

The difference with Nick and Barbara is that because they live in foreign countries and have to leave Australian waters, we don’t know when or where we will see them again. This could be the last time for many years or six months – who knows.

We will meet again, that I am certain of.

Photo by Nicola Newman. www.nicolanewman.com/

Nick made a perfect statement just as they were saying goodbye. It went something like this:

“We will meet again.

We might not look the same but we are people of the sea,

Which means we are the same!” Utter Perfection!

So to Mr. Nick and Mrs. Barbara:

May your hearts be high, your sails be full and you be forever filled with the Love of those around you.

Although the way you got to Australia was fraught with danger; If it wasn’t for that event, we may never of met. Thank you!

So KNOW that as you leave this beautiful land, that our hearts are fuller, our smiles greater, our Wisdom intensified and our whiskey stores depleted for having met you. We have grown because of you!

We cherish every moment and our love will follow you across this Glorious Globe.

Safe Travels.

We Love You! 20170910_190558

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