I Am Alive! I Promise

20171021_145153Hi Amazing Peeps,

We have been so busy lately, yet I can’t really remember what we have been doing.

It’s one of those times where the day has gotten away and you just can’t think of where it went.

We have had lots of BBQ’s with friends. That has been our highlights of our time. I haven’t been taking photos though. Too caught up in the moment.

We met Doug from Eden here in Blackwattle Bay. We had a great barbecue with him. He has spent the last 4 months sailing up to the Gold Coast then back down with his grandkids. He is now on his way home for the summer.

The time with Doug was great and we teased the heck out of each other. It was fun and I think we both needed it.

He also gave us some NSW maritime charts for above Broken Bay. They were a wonderful gift.

Doug told us that he loved Pork sausages with hot english mustard. So the day he left, at 6.30am we paddled over with cooked pork sausages and hot mustard. It was accompanied with green tea, lemon and honey of course. He seemed to love it.

He motored past around lunchtime to say his goodbyes before heading down to Cronulla. We will keep in touch for sure.

We also met Andrew and Nicola of S/V Day Dream.  They are fantastic and so funny. I think Andrew has done almost every job available. It is incredible.  He is a wealth of information at has some seriously funny stories. Not kid friendly ones though hahaha.

Nicola is an artist! A BRILLIANT one too. To top it off, she paints on linen. LINEN! That is so cool.

Nicola has had her paintings up everywhere, even the Docklands in Melbourne. She currently has her biggest job on the go, a 3m x 12m painting. That is MASSIVE! I am in awe.

They also have a dog Lace-Jane who is spoilt rotten and loves every bit. Nicola and Andrew – Really, really cool people.

We had a barbecue with Nick and Barbara from S/V Val again. They had just been to see their rescuers  (they were rescued 255 miles off shore in March after loosing their rudder and in 10+m seas. Another story for another time). They came back with their boat all doled up in flags. It was superb! All boats should look like that did.20171023_115512

They also brought their friend Martin. We met Martin in Eden also, he was on a boat too. He is currently working up here in Sydney, so being able to catch up was great!

Martin is French like Barbara and it is always cool to listen to them chat away. I am learning french, so I try to pick things up but they talk so fast, I just miss most of it.

Nick is Irish and one of the best story tellers that we have met. He has been sailing for 50 years and has had VAL since 2009. He has been EVERYWHERE! Really ev….ery……where! You want to know something about sailing, he’s either done it, been through it or not survived it – the last one has not happened yet.

We had a great impromptu lunch the other day on their boat with Nicola, Andrew and Martin. It was a great few hours of laughter, stories, great food and fun. I’m so glad it happened, it was a fantastic final get-together.

Nick and Barbara are down to Earth people who are so easy to be around and are just a wonderful couple. They are heading North in a few days, on their way to SE Asia. We will miss them.

There was also another sailor Trevor who is anchored next to us from Port Stephens. He is on his way to Tasmania for the summer. He is South African and was great at speaking dutch to the kids. This was his first trek down, if I recall correctly and was just taking his time. It was great to meet him finally at the BBQ.

Then there was Robert  (said Roberre). He is also French. He lives in Sydney and has his boat either on its mooring in Circular Quay or anchored here in Blackwattle.

He is a character. Loves talking to the kids in French and even gave them a kids ‘Learn to speak French’ book. That was a hit. He made them a walnut cake which they loved.

We also got to say a very quick Hi and Bye to Kerry and Chris from S/V Tardis V. They had just arrived back from Fiji & Vanuatu into Sydney. They were catching up with family most of the time but there was a quick Hi in the dinghy, the kids made cards for them, then a quick Bye. They are also on their way home.

I think Kerry is a scream! She is so Australian and so funny and Wonderful all at once.

Chris is quite quiet, so I haven’t got to know him much but he waved at the kids lots. Even after they had already made him wave about 20 times. That means he must be awesome.

We haven’t done a lot to the boat although she needs some (a lot) tending too. Steve’s next job is to climb the mast as some of our blocks up there is sticking. Then it is diving the hull. We want to do that before heading to Pittwater.

We are really ready to move. Sydney has been great! We have been here for a few weeks now and the noise and business is starting to take its toll. We love the convenience though. We have also discovered that Sydney love their fireworks. There seems to be a new lot going off every week. Pyrotechnics must do well here. There is always work somewhere.

When we haven’t been gallivanting about, everyone has brought out their creative genes. We have had lots of painting, Lego’s, card and boom slide towers and just general creative mayhem. It has been Fantastic!

We should have creative mayhem more often.

Well, that is it for me. I will write sooner, I promise. Have a fantastic day all and know that at Sumbawa, we love you very much.


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle