Hot, Creative and our Secret Surprise


Hi Amazing Peeps,

Well this week has been a week of surprise,miracles, creativeness, excitement and HOT SHOWERS OHHHHH YEH!

Firstly, 2 of the younger kids started swimming on their own with no boogie boards – this one is awesome and cool.

Second, I was made aware that I am married to a supermodel – WOW!20171012_184028

Third, I had a miracle of a love heart sun on the water.20171012_175352

Fourth, the kids were in creative moods. Nakita made a coffee cosy for our coffee plunger. She had made of for the teapot that we used to use as a coffee brewer but it got wrecked. We brought a new seriously insulated plunger about 2 months ago yet 3 nights ago, Nakita made a cosy.20171012_215228

We are so impressed with her creation that now our coffees are SUPER hot.

Alec then decided to make a bib for the upcoming baby and then made one for Zeinobiyah. It was really cool that he thought of that.20171013_155712

Zeinobiyah is not having a bar of it. That doesn’t matter because it was the thought that counts.

Ryan made bottle covers for both Steve’s and my drinking water bottles. He made them out of old, ripped pants that we were going to throw out.

He is either o impressed with his invention that he can’t even look at it, or the smell is too much HAHAHA!

Ryan said that they were to keep our bottles cold while they were in our backpacks.

He put mine on and I took a drink of water. All that I could smell was urine. I took it off and asked him to wash it first.

I was laughing so hard. I was given a urine smelling water bottle – YAY! The design was great and after a wash, it will work perfectly, I am sure.

Amlayah showed off her skills at making Leggo boats. Being only six, her details are really good.

It has a cockpit, davits and the dinghy sits on top of the davits. It even has a plank out the back for “the kids” to walk.

Fifth – comes the excitement. We picked up…..I’m not telling. I am keeping hush-hush on this one. It is too exciting to give away the ending. Stay tuned for further info or in the words of you peeps – Watch This Space! OOPS! I nearly posted a picture.

Sixth – I HAD A HOT SHOWER THIS MORNING! It was magical!

There was this amazing heated water that come from a faucet in the wall. There was this device underneath that if I turned it one way, it got hotter and the other, colder.

I stood underneath it and felt that all of life is perfect at that moment. Nothing is wrong in the world while engulfed in hot water and stream as it regenerates my body. It was too wonderful to describe how it actually felt – like a religious experience. I came out feeling lighter and newer than I had in months.

Seventh – Bubby (the one in my belly) is now kicking a lot and nice and strong. It is fun to feel it bouncing around in there.

And Right now:

I am sitting under my duvet on the saloon couch with a hot water bottle, surrounded by used tissues (actually they are in a bag), talking with a blocked nose which is always funny, eating hot soup.

A perfect end to a wonderful week. I say that truthfully as I am sure my body is screaming at me for further sleep. Time to heed its calling.

Love you guys.


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle