One Heck of a Weekend

Hi Amazing Peeps,

I have needed a few days to rest after a huge week.

Let me begin………now:

Wednesday we did a few extra runs with the hire car before we returned it to the hire place. Once that was done, a few more things were picked up on the way back before we raised anchor and headed off for Blackwattle bay.

Thursday, we had our day out with Sean, Mel and their Elegant Flower which I was bouncing about in my last post.  

When we got back, we were exhausted but there was little rest.

We were meeting up with Nick and Barbara from SV VAL the next day.  They are really cruisey so there was no rush but being us, we needed to wash more nappies and clothes, get breakfast for the next day made after dinner, organize what we are taking and all the little stuff that goes on with organizing our tribe.

Come Friday, we were able to rest in a little while before totally madness started.

We needed some stuff for the BBQ but Steve didn’t get out till 10:30 – we were meant to meet them at 11am.

At just after 11, I dinghied over to have a cuppa before I had to pick up Steve.  As kids were boarding VAL, my phone dinged to tell me that they were back.  Nick and Barbara were so awesome to look after the kids while I picked up Steve, we sorted some homemade chicken schnitzels for them and then went over.

VAL IS AMAZING! She is bare bones meaning that there is no insulation in her yet she is so roomy.  Nick and Barbara are so cool.  They showed us around, taught the kids lots of stuff, we had a cuppa then went ashore for our lunch.

The BBQ was just up from the pontoon and we found a water tap that we could use too.  We all had some great food and fun.  Nick told us about some of their adventures and Ireland’s history which was captivating  20171006_161843while Barbara fascinated the kids with languages or maybe it was the other way around.20171006_161832
We spent a good few hours enjoying the sun and each others company.  It was wonderful.

At the end of the day as we were preparing to head back to the boats, Nick joked about the kids carrying him back.  Well they were all for the idea and he was happy to let them try.  He laied down on the grass and the kids crowded around and lifted him off the ground.

Kids lifting Nick

 They did well to carry him about 5 metres before it was too much.  It was such a laugh.

Then they yelled “Mrs. Barbara! Mrs. Barbara! Your turn”.  Barbara was a great sport and layed down ready to be carried.

Kids carrying Ms. Barbara

 I think in carrying Nick they had worked out the best method to use because they managed to carry Barbara about 50 metres to the nearest seat.  Barbara was so impressed with how gently they put her on the seat and how well they worked as a team. We were laughing so hard but the kids were determined and did great.

We then went back to Sumbawa yelling “BYE” to Nick and Barbara the whole time.

We don’t know when we will see VAL and her amazing captains (yes they are both certified captains) again.  We just know that we love spending time with them, have all learned so much and we are better sailors because of our meeting with them.

The day we had with them was so much fun. We have found that every sailor that we meet, teaches us more, love sharing their stories and although they are all very different in their sailing style, they all have valuable information to share. Sailors are really a unique bunch of people.

We had a big day on Saturday also, so we left Blackwattle at 8:30am the next morning.  Nick and Barbara had come topside to wave us off which was wonderful. We are looking forward to meeting them somewhere again. Maybe in the Mediterranean Sea – who knows.

We motored out till just before the Bridge, then we raised our headsail and mainsail.  We then took off.

Just a note – Sumbawa is not a fast boat so when I saw we were flying, to us it is.  We were going about 6 knots.  That is almost like flying to us and it was fun.  We were wing on wing and enjoying every minute.  

We got to the Spit Bridge in an hour and a half just as we saw the 10am opening bridge close.  We were still dropping sail so we wouldn’t have made it.  We picked up a mooring that is just outside of the bridge and waited for the 11:30am opening.  Although the kids were counting down the time, it did seem to go fast.

Once we saw it start to open, we dropped the mooring and headed forward.20171007_113602  The outgoing boats have right of way so we just idled there.  Then it was our turn. 20171007_113458 We motored through and as we did, the kids yelled to the guy up on the platform “Thank you for opening the Bridge for us.”  He replied with “That’s OK. Anytime!” I might hold him to that. We then headed for Northbridge.

We looked around for any public moorings or a good place to anchor but there was none in Sailors Bay or we headed up to Sugarloaf Bay.  There were 4 public moorings here but being a weekend they were all taken.  This bay was beautiful 20171010_120513so we dropped anchor on the south west side of the bay near the old cottage.  It was amazing but we had little time to enjoy it as we were going to the Kairos Farewell Party at the Northbridge Baths.  

We got down our new inflatable and used our tinny to tow the inflatable with half the kids in it around to the baths.  It was a long dinghy ride but the kids didn’t mind. They were just loving the journey.  There is a lot to learn from them.

Once we arrived, we could here music playing but not normal music, this was Brazilian music.  We walked in just as Viktor was getting off their boat to come ashore. His Capoeira Master had come to the party with all the instruments and as a farewell to Viktor and Illa, would put on a show with Viktor involved.  

It was an amazing site to watch the Capoeira dance in person.

Viktor and Evelyn ready

 We watched Viktor dance with a girl named Evelyn and then with the Master. 20171007_143352 Illa came up to us to explain some of what was happening.  Apparently it is a great honour for the Master to put on this display and both Viktor and Illa felt that honour.  Illa explained the history of the Capoeira dance and how the African slaves created it to train for fighting but disguised it as a dance.  It was their only means of defending themselves or escaping. If was amazing to watch it with a greater understanding of what was happening.20171007_143411
It is such a graceful dance and I can see how it fooled the slaves captors.  It requires such strength yet because it is done slowly, the strength and grace is carried through the whole movement to the next.  We watched as partners switched and their styles changed but the Capoeira as a whole remained the same.  It went on for about an hour.

Then there was a lot of introductions.  We felt like the only non-Brazilian family there. Regardless of that, we were brought into their extended family like we had always been apart of it.20171007_171529  The kindness and love generated from everyone was marvelous.

Our extended Brazilian family

We ate, drank and partied until 6:30 before we said our goodbyes.  

Cuddles for Mrs. Illa

20171007_173913There were tears from all of us yet we knew that we would see each other again, possibly in some South Pacific Island.

As we hopped into our dinghy, many of the people came to see us off.  We have never had such an audience before.  We started the outboard and headed off to waves and kisses from our now extended Brazilian family.

We got back to Sumbawa just as it was getting dark.  It had been a great day full of wonderment, love and emotions.  We found out later that the party went until 10pm. Kairos took the first Spit Bridge out to Manly, topped up supplies then left.  They were in Cronulla by the afternoon.  

Here is a link to their YouTube channel.

We spent the next day swinging in the hammock, drinking coffee and eating yummy stuff.  Everyone just rested.  It wasn’t hard to do in Sugarloaf Bay as it was so peaceful.

We have just got back to Lane Cove River.  We gave Nigel back his outboard and picked up the box of books we received from Mr. John from Brisbane.

Mr. John’s box of books

The kids are just sorting out their favourites before they call him and let him know.  He said he was looking forward to the book reviews.

It was been a great few days of friends, parties then rest – all were needed greatly.

Time for some cleaning.

Love you guys


Zanny Harbars

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