Swinging Around Sydney


Hi Amazing Peeps,

Today being a long weekend, we decided to go for a look around.

We had heard that our sailor friends that we had met in Eden were in Blackwattle Bay. So we thought that we would go say HI.

Sailing out of Lane Cove River was nice after being there for a week. We love changing scenery.

Being a long weekend, the waterways were BUSY! Yachts that were trying to sail in less than a knot of wind, ferries, power boats with their fenders dragging in the water, charter boats and tiny fishing boats. It was a bit crazy.

We slowly made our way through the open bridge, then under the Anzac Bridge into Blackwattle Bay.

About to enter Blackwattle Bay.

The place was crowded. There are designated anchoring spots in here and they were packed full of boats.

We saw where Val were anchored and motored by. Nobody home. With little options, we decide to anchor with a tiny scope near them, dinghy over, drop a note and leave, all the while having someone at the helm and anchor, ready to up and leave if the wind changed.

Val – her owners were out enjoying this beautiful Sydney weather.

In our anchoring, we seemed to scare 2 motor boats. I large one decided to leave, the other moved to where the big one had been. This left plenty of space for us.

We did as we had planned to do. Then thought, now that we have the room, why not stay for lunch.

We kept the motor running while we let out a touch more chain. Then watched how we settled for 10 minutes more before turning off the motor.

The kids made sandwiches (peanut butter and cheese) and we had schnitzel and mashed potatoes – It was YUM!

We then sat back and admired our surroundings.

Fish markets and the City

We have been on the boat all together for 10 months now and we are just starting to relax. We know that things need to be done but we are trying to just relax and not over worry about the other stuff. It will get done sooner or later. So we just chilled.

The afternoon was great.

We saw what looked like the Australian team rowers who were racing. We enjoyed watching the myriad of people who were coming and going along the esplanade and the boats flowing in and out of the bay. It was nice.

Rowing teams

We then went looking for some essentials – water, bins, etc. We found nothing. We will have a better look next time.

Then came our big decision – do we stay overnight or head back to Lane Cove River. We are having lunch with Robyn at the park near her house. We could have stayed the night at Blackwattle Bay and go back early tomorrow morning or go back tonight and have an easier morning. We decided on the latter.

We sailed out of Blackwattle at around 5pm. It was less busy at that time so less bouncy. We were fighting the tide initially but once we rounded the corner, we gained a knot of speed.

We made it back by 6:30pm, anchored and got dinner on.

We are so grateful for our wonderful day and our wonderful life. It really is a Blessing, our life. It is full of new amazing things all the time.

Nick and Barbara from Val didn’t return to their boat by the time we left but I look forward to seeing them soon.

Val looking great.

Love Always from

Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle