It Starts with a Bang!


“All the greatest things in life start with a BANG!” Zanny Harbars 

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yesterday was another great afternoon.

We didn’t start till 3pm but it did start with a bang…..literally.

The baby Munchkin was being lifted out of the dingy by Blade. As he was putting her down, she tripped so grabbed hold of his life jacket cord to stabilize herself. It didn’t work and the life jacket inflated with a bang.2017-09-25 18.36.24

Everyone just went silent in shock then Steve broke out on roars of laughter.

He then shrugged his sholders and said we just need another cartridge. Blade was a bit upset as now he cannot wear it – he did try to get in back on with no success. It is back to an old one just till a trip to Whitworths for some extra stocks.

Robyn & Nigel spent the morning cleaning their boats. Nigel is from Coffs Harbour but keeps his boat here. Binda is an old timber girl, beautifully restored and a dream to sail.

Robyn is from here. She has a newer boat that is immaculate and a VERY EASY sail as all the winches are hydraulic. The thing pretty much tacks by itself.

Nigel uses a little 2.3hp motor yet Steve and the oldest 4 kids beat them to shore. As our outboard is still needing a fix, Nigel leant us that one for 2 weeks.

We are so grateful. It helps a lot.

We had brought our camping stove, sausages, bread and sauce with a couple of knives, forks, a whole watermelon, popcorn and wine. We are leaning from Yaraandoo II to be super prepared.

Nigel brought gourmet sausages  (chicken, parmesan cheese and rosemary & pork and something yummy), bread, tomatoes and crinkle cut chips. Robyn brought potatoes, crackers, gourmet cheeses and pâtè. They gave most of it including the blue cheese, fried tomatoes and pâtè to the kids.20170924_170940

The spread was very nice. They have one benefit though, Robyn house is 5 steps away so it’s kind of cheating HA HA HA!

Nigel had invited a friend too. His name was Mr. Spock (actually it is Spomenko but he said his nickname was Spock. The kids added the Mr.). Mr. Spock was a wealth of information for Steve and I as well as the kids. He taught them Mandarin characters as he lives in Hong Kong 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off (apparently they speak more Cantonese than Mandarin in Hong Kong). Blade is learning Mandarin on Memrise so knew a few characters and Mr. Spock was happy to teach.

Drawing Mandarin Characters in the dirt

It was great to see them learning new things from new people. They really are sponges for knowledge.

As it got dark, it was time to leave.

Group hug for Mrs. Robyn

Bubby was asleep and she was not happy having to get into her life jacket or being put in the dingy. I walked back to Longueville dock with the 4 oldest, Robyn and Nigel while Steve motored the others back.

Once at the dock, we talked for a while as the kids ran around. Blade decided to climb down onto the rocks and cut both his feet badly on the oysters. That put an ubrupt end to our conversation as there was blood everywhere.

We cleaned Blades feet, wrapped them in toilet paper, got in the dingy and headed back to Sumbawa.

After tending to Blade’s feet (iodine and superglue), everyone was in bed. I don’t remember a time where they went to sleep so fast.

It was a great day again. Today I am very exhausted and feel a bit crook so I am resting. I need to recover a bit. As my belly grows, it seems to have a reverse effect on my energy levels. Two days out in a row has drained some energy, I need a couple of days to bounce back. I’m in bed already (it’s 4pm).

Regardless of this, I am loving exploring Sydney and we are hoping to go through the Spit Bridge during the week. I’m really looking forward to that as we have heard about some great places to anchor and moor.

Well time to rest.

Love you all.



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