Hi Amazing Peeps,

Today has been an amazing day.

After a late breakfast, I was thinking about swimming again with the kids. Unbeknownst to me, Steve had other plans.

He had looked at the weather and told me he wanted to move. I was a little surprised but I love adventure so said ‘Sure, Why not!’

So we got ready and set sail. All I knew was that we were heading into the Harbour. We all were excited.

We had no plan on where to stop, just that we would go and have a stickybeak around.

It was good to open the sails again and it was an easy yet slow entry.20170921_12154720170921_122903







Natasha had free licence to take pictures. We counted them later, she had taken 151 photos. A little too many HA HA HA!

We were looking out for traffic but mostly for Sydney’s famous monuments. It was an anxious wait for the Munchkins. They consoled themselves with waving at Navy Barges (they actually waved back. First time),20170921_124842 waving at all the ferries20170921_124946 and any other boat in sight.20170921_124401 They got LOTS of waves back.

Then they saw it.

The white sails came into view. There was the Opera House! 20170921_130544There was screaming, whooping and applauding. Then the kids joined in. We were all so Happy.

The end of the bridge then came into view. They screamed ‘The Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge.’

The rest of it appeared from around the corner and Sumbawa erupted into screaming applause.20170921_134424

It was official – WE ARE IN SYDNEY!

I was surprised how much it meant to me. I have seen the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge innumerable times on television, in newspapers and magazines and I even saw it as a kid. The appreciation just wasn’t there then.

Yet having sailed miles, it seemed so Magical to see it now. Like an outside recognition of what we  had actually achieved. It meant a lot.

We pulled into Rose Bay and picked up one of the 4 public moorings here. It also protected us from the NE that was blowing and will continue till tomorrow.

We also wanted to stop here as we have a full view of the Bridge and the city at night. The lights are amazing.20170921_19030520170921_201634

We even had a sea plane land and take off near us. That was really cool.20170921_154520

Tomorrow we will sail under the Bridge – big thing! But tonight, we watch the city lights with a wine on the deck….after the kids are in bed.20170921_201525

Amazing stuff is everywhere, just like you.

Love you guys


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle

5 thoughts on “WE’RE IN SYDNEY!”

  1. Well done Becci and tribe! We felt exactly the same!

    Little tip, sorry if you already know. At balmoral there are public moorings and two hot water shower blocks!!! We spent over a month at blackwattle so any questions just ask.

    Well done you guys! Tremendous voyaging already!

  2. Hi guys – it is wonderful to experience your excitement at arriving in Port Jackson by sail. We just wish we were there to see the sights through your eyes – as in fresh.

    We are doing plenty of exploring over here – keeping up a tight schedule and it is such a whirl wind of emotions. I have a draft blog entry which just has to be edited so hopefully will get it shared in the next couple of days.

    All our love – sail safe –

    Cheers Mrs Sue and Mr Mike

  3. Hi Zany Harbours

    How wonderful to share your excitement of arriving in Port Jackson by sail. We are a little confused about you being sheltered in Rose Bay in a NEster, perhaps you meant Athol Bay by the zoo where you get a great view of the bridge, opera house and city lights. We just wish we could share your adventures and see these sight through fresh eyes. Still we are doing plenty of exploring and seeing new things each day wherever we travel.

    All our love – sail safe and enjoy each moment.

    Cheers Mr Mike and Mrs Sue

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