We Are On The Sand


Hi Amazing Peeps,

Well today we woke to rolling swell. It wasn’t big but enough to be uncomfortable. You know what that meant?

That’s right! No hot shower for me today BOO HOO!

It was a touch annoying but I didn’t want to row to the beach in that just for a shower. I would have been wet and salty again before I had got back to the boat. So it has to wait.

It was another gorgeous day so we decided to do something different.

We had seen Castle Rock Beach just across the way and thought that would be a good spot. Having checked the charts, we saw that it was shallow so then checked the tides. The tide is just going out.

So we thought we would have a look.

We motored over and took a depth check. It was 2.5 metres (8 ft) so we anchored.

We were going to keep an eye on the depth but right now, it was beautiful.

We were protected from the swell and the NE wind and the water was clear. It was nice to be around clear water again, we haven’t had that since Eden.

We were there for a couple of hours then I decided to go for a swim. There was two reasons for this:

  1. The water was clear and looked so inviting
  2. The bottom did look close so I wanted to take a look just HOW close.

Being pregnant, I feel the cold quickly so I put on Steve’s wetsuit and an extra thermal top underneath. It worked a treat, I was warm.

I jumped in all flippered and snorkeled up ready to have fun. I hit the bottom!

So I looked at our depth. I couldn’t tell where the sand ended and our keel started.

I popped up, told Steve and climbed the ladder. We had to move.

It was half an hour to low tide but we would have been firmly on the sand and we just started to get some swell. So we motored out.

As we were leaving, we could hear and feel the keel scraping on the sand. Not a nice feeling. The area is called The Bar!

So back to the moorings in Middle Harbour.

There was no one on them this time so we picked the one closest to the beach. We then decided to get back in the water.

Unlike Castle Rock Beach, the water here was deep and dark, not as much fun for snorkeling. We swum though and even a couple of kids that can’t swim yet were in and paddling around the boat on boogie boards, no life jackets.

We were so proud!

As the weather gets warmer, their confidence in the water does too. It’s great to see. Even the baby is desperate to get in. She just screams when in there but loves to copy the others. She does have to wear a life jacket on deck as she is now walking everywhere. She loves the beach though.

Well enough from me today.

Love you guys


Zanny Harbours

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