Last Few Days & Amazing People


Photo by Marty the fishing kayaker – Manly Cove

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Well Sydney has been great! Well I say that but we have only seen North Sydney.

We started in Manly, had some great days, one at 31 degrees then the westerly hit. We knew it was coming but thought ‘it’s only one day. We’ll be fine.’

By 4pm Steve was crook, I was begging to move and it was just horrible. We didn’t move then as it was almost dark and we don’t know the area well enough. We don’t like pulling in at a mooring or anchoring in the dark unless absolutely unavoidable.

Photo taken by Illa off SV Kairos. No I’m not looking happy but this is the day of the high wind. I wasn’t having fun right then ha ha!

The wind eased about 8pm and we could sleep ok.

At 6:30am the next morning, we were awake and getting ready to resupply as we were really low. One of the best things about the moorings in Manly is that there is an ALDI and a Coles with 200m. You’re in and out before you know it and all stocked up.

We left Manly and headed for Middle Harbour. What a gorgeous place!

We thought about Balmoral but a little swell was coming through. So we mosied on up river.

We saw 5 public moorings just before the marina then there was the Spit Bridge. All the moorings were taken so we went to look at the bridge. We’ve never gone through an opening bridge – on the list for Sydney just not Today.

We then headed back towards a small beach that we thought might be good to anchor at. Just as we came back, one of the boats dropped their mooring and took off. We grabbed it of course so no having to drop anchor again – YAY! I’m loving this mooring stuff!

This place was wonderful!

It had a beach nearby that the kids paddled to in the dingy on one of the days. They made a sand fort with a breakwater before climbing on the rocks.

We would have normally taken photos but Steve and I were soaking up the rays and the quietness of only the little one on board – it was so quiet!  We should do that more often HA HA HA.

After 3 wonderful days, we left to a little cove in front of Collins Flat Beach. It was meant to be 26 degrees with N wind and this was a perfect spot. We did actually have to anchor but it was a great little cove.

Once settled, we took everyone ashore for an afternoon of swimming, playing leaf boat races and terrorizing the locals. It was a good day!

We then rowed back and knowing a W is due tomorrow morning, we moved back to Manly to do a small restock tonight.

So we are back in Manly Cove for the night. We will leave tomorrow morn and head for Balmoral and some HOT SHOWERS OHHHHH!

The feel of hot water on my skin is a distant memory. I need a hot water fix! Even the thought of it is sexy. I know “normal” people don’t get excited over hot showers but when you go months in between them, it’s worth getting excited for!

I have loved Sydney so far. No we haven’t been under the Harbour bridge yet and to be honest, we have even seen it. We will get to that. We are just enjoying sailing North Sydney, it’s coves and beaches and the amazing people.

Sailing has really renewed my love of people. They are wonderful, kind, generous, loving, supportive and just fun to talk too. I’m not just talking about sailors but people in general.

We have met people at beaches, on paddle boards, in kayaks and at the shops who are all really nice. They tell us of places we can get stuff, great coves, they organise day trips out with their kids  (Sean & Mel, wink wink) and are just really lovely people. I love waving at them now and talking to everyone. People are SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

So next time you hear from me hopefully I would have had my hot water fix, feeling non salty and will be relaxing in Balmoral. If not there then maybe actually into Sydney. Who knows.

I love not planning too much, its way more fun this way. Just one day at a time and being grateful for whatever we decide to do.

Love you guys so much. You Amazing Peeps really do fill my heart with joy.


Zanny Harbars

Ohhhh and HAPPY TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! for tomorrow everyone! ARRRRRR!

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