This Looks New


Hi Amazing Peeps,

We’re in Manly – YAY!

In Manly Cove to be precise. We picked up the last public mooring right next to the ferry terminal. Yes it’s noisy but it is good not to be at anchor.

We were going to anchor in a little cove that is right next to National Park but we were concerned about the westerly that was meant to come in this afternoon, so we picked up this mooring instead. It’s great here.

We plan to hop from bay to bay picking up public moorings where possible and enjoying ourselves. It’s already fun to be somewhere new.

So how did we get moving?

We pulled the starter motor to pieces, ground back the plates that were pitted and any burrs in the casing caused by the shorts. We then marinized the starter by covering the coils in resin.  Their original cotton shielding has disintegrated due to the moisture. We then emulsion tapped them. This is how it looked before we started.

As I tell you this, keep in mind that this starter was manufactured in 1973. She is old, big and gorgeous. We tried getting hold of another and it is ALMOST impossible. Lucas discontinued them and their new model, with the same number is completely different from the old. So nothing fits. It was my job to hunt down the right parts.

Baxters was great but Sean said he was tasked with hunting parts for another client and he couldn’t find anything either. I was not deterred.

I then found a man named Tony who only deals in obsolete parts from 40’s to 70’s vehicles.

All I needed was a tiny spring. It had 4 turns, was 50mm long but only 1mm thick. Ours was in 2 pieces – a real problem.20170904_160253

Tony said that he could find one – but this 1mm spring will cost me $30 + postage + his time searching for a Second Hand one. I asked him to hold off searching right now while I searched around. I’m sure that I could search for cheaper than his search fee whatever that was.

Then I called CBC Bearings but they couldn’t help us either. Then Frank from CBC gave me the name of the spring maker they use, Cong Springs Pty Ltd. So I called them.

Mr. Cong was amazing. He took the dimensions over the phone. He was sure that I had gotten them wrong so he kept checking and re-checking to be sure. He said he could make one but it would cost $30. I almost screamed YES PLEASE. Steve said he would come with the old one the next day. A new one for $30 is better than a second-hand one for the same price + postage + time.

We were on a roll now.

The train ride the next day was a big one. Cong Springs is in Springfield, a long way from Cronulla. So after 2 trains, a bus and a tonne of walking, Steve and the 2 oldest boys were there. That only took 3 hours HAHAHA.

To their surprise, Mr. Cong had made a table of the 1mm springs. He had tried to get the dimensions just right but in the heating and cooling process, the tiny spring doesn’t always keep its shape. It was a challenge to him but I think he liked it.

Mr. Cong looked at the old one, got out his measuring equipment and was shocked to find our measurements accurate. He was afraid that I had got them wrong. He then looked over the table and gave us the 3 closest ones….for $30. That’s $10 per spring and they are brand new. Now we have spares – FLIPPIN AWESOME!

Mr. Cong then proceeded to call Munchkins 3, Ryan the cutest girl he’d seen. He was not impressed.7833

They went past Baxters again and got a new insulated can solenoid which was the same as the solenoid we took off originally as well as 0 gage terminals. 

Now we had everything.

After they were back, we spent days putting it together.

We then held our breaths as the key was turned.

Not only did she start, she turned over so fast it sounded like Road Runner.


Her purring was a beautiful sound.

So we brought the dinghy up and yesterday morning, we left.

Our sail was good. It was great to be out on the water again. A pod of bottle nosed dolphins seemed as if they were waiting for us as we left. They swam with us for a good while. 

I realized once out there, how much I love this.

We got to Bondi in great time but then we seemed to hit the current and were down to 1.6 knots. Also the wind died so it was motor. I am sure sometimes we were going backwards.

I took the helm after 3.5hrs and headed closer in. We ended up so close we could hear the waves break on the rocks but we gained speed. About 3 miles from the heads we were up at 5 knots and flying in.

Now we are here.

We have already met some amazing people. Victor, Ela and Victoria of SV Karios and a french Canadian woman named Manon (said Manoo) and her son. We spent the day at the beach with them and even rescued a run-away dingy.

Then there are the ferries. Whats up with those? They are HUGE! Some of the ferries are big enough for cars but only take people – And SO MANY!

We all still wave at the ferries and we get heaps of waves in return. It’s so cool. People are AWESOME!

Well enough shock and awe from me for the moment.

Love you guys



Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


One thought on “This Looks New

  1. Loved the tale, reminded us of US! We burnt out our 1950’s starter motor when the key got jammed ON and no one noticed until clouds of smoke came from the engine room. We were running away from our first cyclone and suddenly had no engine when closing the coast. We found an Italian look-a-like costing half as much. Made by Ricambi. Forty years later it still performed great – but we then found an original Perkins P6 starter at an old machinery warehouse using google – near us at Streaky Bay in the Bight! Cost $200 but it was hardly used. So we now have a spare starter. Which is grand cause we surely cannot hand crank a six cylinder diesel.
    Wishing you guys more happy adventures – travel safe
    Jack and Jude

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