I’m Quiet, Too Quiet


Just for a laugh

Hi Amazing Peeps,

I have been super quiet, I know. I’m sorry but that is not going to change right now.

We are stuck in Cronulla. Our starter motor has failed. We managed to get it going the other day but it smoked a lot. Once it was going, the smoking stopped. So we got ready to leave yesterday.

We went to turn her over and nothing except buckets of smoke. We stopped it immediately. We had just put in new wiring made from jumper leads and some are already useless.

Steve met a ex-truck mechanic who told him about zero gage cabling and where to get it, so that is next.

We also pulled out the starter motor and bench tested it. It almost burnt through the wiring immediately. Steve pulled it apart and found that it is soaking wet. We are not sure on whether it’s from our partial knockdown past Ulladulla when we were taking on water or whether there is a leak. We are fairly confident that it is not a leak as we would see that in the engine bay and it is dry.

Our questions now are: Why has it failed now when it worked fine from Ulladulla to Jervis and then here? Or has it taken time to wear away the shielding that has now caused the short? Is it a simple fix of drying out or does she need a rewire? An auto-elec will know and we are taking it to one tomorrow.

Maritime has been around asking us to move. We told them we had no motor and at first, that didn’t seem to matter. A few days later they came around again and this time we got a friendly woman named Michelle. We put it in her court. We said we had no working motor but if we had to move, we would sail out and try to get to Sydney under just sail. Michelle said that was too dangerous and they have to think of safety first. So as long as we keep them updated as to our progress, they are ok which is awesome. Thanks Michelle.

So we are stuck. We will get moving as soon as we can. We need too.

Sailing has a funny effect on us. We sail in, are glad to stop and explore for a while. Then it calls.

It’s not just the moving to a new place, which is always fun. It’s the wanting to be out on the water, with the wind in the sails and the water rushing past, looking out at the deep blue. It’s intoxicating! I feel like the girl from the movie Moana; the water calls me.moana-fallback_fde4d101

So we fix our starter and sail into Sydney.

I will probably be quiet until then – I am occasionally rarely ok never quiet! RELISH IN IT PEOPLE! Because when I return, you will be bombarded with post after post of our sailing and coastal adventures, you’ll be begging for me to be quiet. RELISH!


I love you all.


Zanny Harbars

Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


3 thoughts on “I’m Quiet, Too Quiet

  1. Just a thought ? When you make your New leads up for your starter motor, –Why don’t you make up 2 sets ,that wy you will have one as a spare, ( that wy when you least expect it , you will have them trendy to go ) as well you could also throw in a SPARE starter motor ( You may not find a Auto Electrician wy out in the Pacific Ocean,lol ! ! )
    Ready to go , not trendy !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Alan, they are really good ideas. We are making two this time. The extra starter is an issue. The one we have is an old Lucas made in ’73. It is REALLY good and we are having trouble getting hold of another. Maybe we could upgrade but right now, we are rebuilding it. Thanks again, Steve will love these suggestions. Cheers



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