My day out with Dad

By Natasha Soetekouw


Preparados, listos, ya! (Ready, Set, Go in Spanish)

Hia. It’s me again. Tasha.

We are still in Cronulla and we are exploring, which is SUPER fun. The post you are about to read, is all about exploration, as it’s all about my first day into town. How about I start from the beginning.

It all began one early Sunday morning. I was in bed reading my favorite Biology book while talking with the fourth munchkin. Mum was in the galley making coffee. She hears us talking so she knows we are awake. Mum calls over to me; “Tash, make sure you have your going-out clothes ready because you are going-out with Dad today.” I leap up. “Okay” I call excitedly.

I hurriedly check for my going-out clothes, but our room is a mess and I can’t find anything. Aaaahhh! A sock_ no, not what I want. A pair of tracky pants_ no. A big fluffy jacket_ no. I pull out my pillow case of clothes. Yes, a pillow case. It’s what I keep my clothes in. I empty it’s contents onto the bed. At last I’ve found what I am looking for. I put them aside and clean up my mess. Then I get dressed and come into the saloon with the other munchkins.

The night before we had pancake hotdogs but we had leftover sausages. So we had those for pre- breakfast. They were delicious. They were gone almost before one could blink. Surprise, surprise

We are ready. Dad is checking the weather and we’ll soon be off! I’m super exited. When going into new places I always get exited.

Soon we are in the dingy and we cast off the painters. We arrive at the little dock a short time later. Dad and I climb up and blow lots of kisses as we wave goodbye. Mum starts the outboard and roars off. Well sort of. It’s more a mix between an engine with a cough and a roar. Anyway, we walk into town to catch our train.

We walk up to the train station and scan our opal cards. Boop! Boop! It’s always fun to scan our opal cards. We walk up and our train is all ready there. We board and ride on the upper deck because the are double deck trains, and ride all the way to Woli Creek.

We disembark and boop our opal cards again. Then we mount some stairs to catch a bus.

There are people everywhere. “Why is everyone crowding around?”Dad thinks as we look about for a bus stop. We soon have our answer. A crane has broken it’s mounting, fallen across the the railway and landed on another building. It is too dangers for trains to pass underneath. Some engineers more or less pointed at the fallen crane, and explained that it was just being set up.20170806_140248-1

Now we have to catch the same train to go to somewhere else (I can’t remember what it’s called). But eventually with some walking we got to our destination (pant pant pant). After we finished there, we had to do some more walking to catch a bus (wow it’s stinking hot. Pant pant pant).

Three or four buses stop but none of them are the M20 that we are looking for. Finally a bus with no label stops.”M20” the bus driver calls out. We jump up. “About time” we think as the bus had been delayed about four times.

We get to the train station and after getting a bit lost, we catch our train. It has been a big day, and it is going to be a long train ride. We stop several times, but thankfully the train takes us all the way to Cronulla. So we didn’t have to change trains. We disembark at Cronulla station and walk to Woolworths to get some dinner because we had none. Then we headed back to the dock.

Soon we were back on board.

We had hamburgers for dinner. With hash browns. YUM!!!!! I polished off three and a half no problem. And they weren’t you average size hamburgers, with a paddy and cheese. They were HUGE!!! Yes they had a paddy and cheese, but the paddy was massive and there was heaps of cheese, grated carrot, and then there were the hash browns.0570bec997a055f5609fbff1e8cfde53--biggest-burger-cheeseburger-cheeseburger

After we had finished dinner, I realized how exhausted I was. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am going to sleep really really well. I’m going make sure of it. I kiss Mum and Dad good night and wearily climb into bed. The moment my head hit the pillow, I was out.


Well I guess there’s not much more to tell because I was asleep by then and I don’t remember anything at all. That’s good because I slept like a log, no literally, I didn’t move once.

All’s well and I had heaps of fun.

I hope you enjoyed, and until next time



Natasha is a Best Selling Novelist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Accomplished Musician, an Underwater Photographer, a knower of all things Spanish and a Caring, Loving Sister.

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  1. Great photo Natasha
    It is great you are sharing your adventures with us so keep the exploring going and the blogs coming.
    Much love Mrs Sue

  2. Hi Tasha,
    Love your adventures!
    I want to come to your place for dinner…..YUM 😃

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