Let’s take some Little Ones



Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yesterday was an interesting day.

We had run out of perishables and I was going out to replenish our stocks. I had this daft thought ‘ Why not take some little ones?’

I decided on Munchkin 5 and 8. Munchkin 5 is 8 and Munchkin 8 is 4 years old. I wanted to take them on the train but not just make it a supply run but fun as well.

After much talk with Steve, we decided to go back to Miranda Westfield. I knew that there were the food shops that we needed, some other shops I really wanted to check out but most importantly, somewhere for them to play.

We let them know that they were coming but didn’t tell them where. They were super excited. They donned their life jackets, hopped into the dingy and we went to the wharf.

Once there, they said their goodbyes to Dad and ran ahead in excitement.

We walked to the local news agents and got them their own Opal Cards. They were now jumping up and down. They tore the card packets open and proudly put their own Opal card in their pockets.

Then back to the train station.

People bustled past them in their hurry but the Munchkins stood their, proud as punch, holding their Opal cards to the machine. It is easy to get engrossed in their excitement.

Once we were all booped on, we walked onto the platform. There was a train waiting.

We all held hands and stepped on together. ‘Ohhh! We’re on a train! WE’RE ON A TRAIN!’ They were yelling.


Mum asked the same silly question as last time ‘Upstairs or downstairs?’ You know the answer.

As we took our seats, Munchkin 8 wanted to sit next to me. He was a little scared. It’s all new and big and having Mum close was comforting.

Munchkin 5 sat by himself, by the window, like he had done this a thousand times. I’m sure if someone had of asked him what to do, he would have given a whole bunch of info, probably none of it correct. Yet he felt so big, so adult. It was funny to watch.20170808_121759

We had to wait for 8 minutes before the train took off. It was almost too much. They just wanted to move.

Finally the doors closed and we were off.

They saw the water and were positive they could see Sumbawa – it’s at the other end of the bay.

Then came the questions If this was a boat, how many knots would we be going? Is it faster than a power boat? Like the cigarette boat we saw the other day? Where’s the driver? I can’t see them. Is that end the front or that end? Are we going backwards? WOW, A CRANE!”20170808_121811

We stopped at our first stop – Woolooware. The kids were amazed but a little frightened that we were hopping off, we just got on. The doors opened, then closed and we were off. Their sigh of relief was audible – we are still on here.

Then the second stop – Caringbah. This is where Dad sometimes shops. They can’t see the shops or much other than houses. You can tell they don’t know what Dad does when he stops here but that he just does stuff and comes home with groceries. Maybe it’s magic.

Door close and we are off again.

I let them know that we get off at the next stop. As we slow down, they get up and head for the door. They can see the other carriages moving around, they’re not sure about that. There is so much bouncing.

We slow to a stop, all hold hands and step off the train.

The Munchkins watch as other people get on, here the announcement again “DOORS CLOSING. PLEASE STAND CLEAR.” Then they watch the train take off. “It goes so fast.” Then it is gone.

We walk out of the station and to the traffic lights. Munchkin 8 is now nervous. Lots of people, lots of cars. He grabs hold of his little brothers hand and doesn’t let go. This is great other than he doesn’t know how to walk straight like this. He always seems to cut in front of us and his poor brother ends up walking sideways.

We safely crab walk across the road and enter the shopping centre.


I like seeing new places so coming back here was ok but Steve said Caringbah shops had no places to play and we wanted somewhere for them to run off steam that isnt just walking. So my task was to have as much fun as them, seeing it through their eyes and not ‘Uhhh, this again.’

I needed to go to have a look at a few things and they were desperate for the playground…already. That’s what I get for taking little ones – it’s play, play and more play.

After 20 minutes we went to the playground. They played for about an hour.


I wanted to pass the kindness that I received last time on to another. So I went up to a couple who were there with their twin daughters and said “I’m about to grab a coffee.Would you like one?”

Unfortunately their answer was no. I would have loved it if they had of agreed but maybe another person, another day.

We then went to a few more stores, bought some band aids for my feet (new shoes) and went by a cheese shop and talked to their cheese man. We are planning on experimenting with feta cheese in spiced oil. Then stow it low in the boat. The cheese guy was so helpful. He gave me some great tips on mixes of oils, types of spice and how to prepare it. It was fantastic.

We then went for lunch.

This time I picked their lunch, nachos and I had a burrito. It actually filled them up.


Munchkin 8 wanted to go to the roof. He was disappointed when we couldn’t walk on the glass triangle bit you can see from inside but liked looking over the side. We then went across to another entrance and made our way back to the playground.

It was now 3:30pm and I was exhausted. The little ones had started to play up too. Just tiredness.

I pulled the plug on the playground at 4pm and went to the supermarket.20170808_152807

It was now a chore. The kids were being a little…….unruly and I wasn’t having fun anymore.

We left Woolies at 4.45pm. Shops were closing, people were rushing and we all were tired. Definitely time to go.

I had packed my backpack as to carry everything heavy leaving Munchkin 5 with all the light stuff. We are used to carrying stuff on our backs and I rather like it. Yet at 5pm, after a day running with the kids and carrying 25kg; it doesn’t feel overly enjoyable.

We headed to the train, booped on and waited on the platform. 2 gorgeous cockatoos came and sat on the fence. Even in my tiredness, I knew they were watching us. I wish I knew what they were saying to each other. I made up a dialogue in my head of their supposed conversation. Yes I was that tired. This game made me smile.

The train arrived, we hopped on but there wasn’t the same excitement. They were exhausted! Munchkin 8 could have gone to sleep but with only 3 stops, we were in Cronulla fast.


We hopped off, booped off and made out way to the dock.

We sat down on a bench and the Munchkin 8 was so tired, he fell off backwards. I think he went to sleep. Dad arrived, we got back, dinner was had and they were asleep almost straight away.

A lot happened later that night but that has to be for another day. For right now, more excitement for different people in new places.

It was a good day.

Zanny Harbars


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle






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