New Friends and more Adventures


Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yesterday we went on another Adventure but this time as a family.

I’ll get to that but first, the back story.

The night before we left Ulladulla, the kids met a girl, let’s call her Elegant Flower (El for short).

El is the same age as Munchkin 4 and has spunk. She really took to Munchkin 1 and 2. The kids briefly met their parents Mr. Sean and Mrs. Mel as well.

Steve and I didn’t meet any of them because we were doing the oil change and engine going-over before our departure the next day. Munchkin 1 told them about our blog that night.

We sailed out of Ulladulla the next morning unbeknownst to the poor El. When her and her family arrived at the dock that evening, there was no Sumbawa, no Munchkins, no anything.

El was devastated.

El’s Dad assured her that there was a way to meet us again. He was right.

I was contacted via our blog and with a bit of date hopping to figure out which day worked for whom, we finalized yesterday to meet up at Jibbon Beach.

The morning was a bit mad. Well really, stupidly insane.

Here’s how it went (remember you wanted to join the madness):

We motored over – all good. We even saw a dinosaur.20170805_095205

The oldest 5 munchkins were ready – good. Those Munchkins were brought ashore.

Steve returned for the final run…..and entered absolute chaos.

The backpacks cupboard had been completely emptied onto the floor and kids were running over it, screaming at each other about their own shoe whereabouts.

I was yelling, like my hair was on fire for them to stop yelling (always works…..yeh). I was trying frantically to find a nappy for baby Munchkin. At this very moment, I realized that I got Munchkin 9 dressed without his nappy. This is not good as he has the habit of peeing everywhere, so a nappy is essential. Munchkin 8 had lost his shoe and we were trying to find that too.

Once these were done and found (Steve’s my hero), I sighed in relief. I then looked down and see that I was not ready – WHOA!

Going out is stressful.

We finally were ready and got to shore. Mr. Sean, Mrs. Mel were talking with the children as I, trying to appear calm…….not sure how successful that was, handed out kids shoes and took life jackets.

We were here.20170805_113508

Mel, Sean and El were all being so patient. They also had brought their friend Mrs. Cath with her 2 kids, let’s call them Lotus Flower and Ben the branch tamer.

Finally there were formal introductions.

It was Steve and my first time meeting these people that the kids talked a lot about. We were nervous but excited. The kids had talked so much about El that it was like they had spent a week with her, not a few hours talking at a dock.

We started our walk towards the aboriginal hieroglyphs. As we walked, we got talking. Mel was great to talk to. It was so good to talk to another woman again. The time since Yaraandoo left us at Jervis feels like an age ago. Adult talk can be refreshing and it was.

I discovered quickly that my nervousness was not needed. These people are Amazing. I love hearing people’s stories, it really helps me understand them. Steve & I can really relate to Mel and Sean’s story.

We continued to walk and talk. Steve found out more about the Hacking river. It turns out Sean is a wealth of info on the Hacking.

We also found out a lot about the aboriginal history in the area. It was like having a guided tour. We saw the hieroglyphs, we learnt about the old aboriginal markets and how they fished, as well finding out that their fish traps still work today. It was so Awesome!


And the rocks – WOW! Their formations and colours were incredible!20170805_120525

The kids found a way down to the beach and once there, proceeded to climb the rocks all the way up. Talk about making your heart race. Who needs running to raise your heart rate, just watch your kids climb 20m up rock faces, does the same thing.


The kids also collected a bunch of sea glass for Mrs. Sue (Yaraandoo) and shells for themselves.


They have kept their favourites but some might……somehow……find their way back to the ocean.

Lotus Flower was fantastic when it come to shells. Not only was it her passion and she was seriously passionate about it. She was teaching me what the different shells were. Seeing her excitement when she found a shell she loved filled my heart. It was real and her love of them was genuine. I am happy to have witnessed it.

Her Mum, Cath had a love of birds. I always feel birds have a message. For me, different birds mean different things. Pelicans I feel watch over us, snake birds just bring joy and magpies mean strong relationships and we have 2 Beautiful ones that sit on our mast and talk to us every morning. For me, they’re comforting.

Cath felt the same but in her own way. Birds can have a real Spiritual meaning for some people and that can be different for everyone. God speaking through birds – I’m fully engrossed in this one.

I’m off track again. Where was I…… Uh, yes:

The day was gorgeous. The sun was beaming, the water was warmish and we were enjoying its beauty.


But it had to end. We needed to motor back to the Cronulla side and Sean, Mel and Cath needed to go.

We walked back to the dingy. We had to pull the kids away from each other with much resistance on their part and our new friends left.

We stayed on the beach and let the kids play on the sand for a bit before we all got back on board.

Once along side Sumbawa, the kids released their cuttlefish boats that they had made. Only 1 made it to shore intact but it was super fun for them to do. Thanks Cath!


We ate lunch once aboard and then that was me done. I was exhausted! The youngest munchkin and I rested on the saloon couch while the other Munchkins and Dad raised anchor and motored across.

Once we stopped, dinner was made and the day was done.

We loved our day out, meeting new friends and seeing more of this Beautiful place. We want to explore more of this area before we move into Sydney.

We are finally in rest and explore mode.

It’s fun.


Zanny Harbars


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


4 thoughts on “New Friends and more Adventures

  1. What an unexpected, serendipitous delight to meet you all and spend the day exploring. We loved discovering rock carvings with you, and finding shells, and searching for sea glass… and just look at those cuttlefish boats! Keep an eye out for my White Bellied Sea Eagles. You should spot pairs of them while you’re in the area. I’ll think of you when I see Pelicans 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ~ From Miss L:

    It was great meeting you guys! I totally agree, that WAS an awesome day. I had heaps of fun playing with you. You’re such an incredible family and anybody who gets to spend time with you or gets to meet you is really lucky. I loved hanging out with you and being able to share my passion for shells with you. I’m really glad you didn’t think I was just a weirdo! ;P Thank you so much for coming to visit us, hope you enjoyed it. Safe travels!

    Lotus Flower.

    PS – love my new nickname!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you like it. I don’t like putting real names in and I thought this one was really you. No never think you’re a weirdo! I love you have such a strong passion. Be you no matter what. That is beautiful, whether others think you’re weird or not. ❤



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