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Hi Amazing Peeps,

I am handing you all over to a new blogger. She is smart, intelligent and so incredibly creative.

This new blogger is even writing her own adventure novel.

Well enough kerfuffle. Here she is:

Too Shallow, Too Shallow

Good afternoon awesome peeps!

The post you are about to read is written by Natasha Soetekouw, that’s me. I am the oldest kid in my fantastic family (except for Mum and Dad of cause). YAY! We are in Sydney. Well in south Sydney, in a place called Cronulla.


Picture taken by Natasha Soetekouw

Well you most probably already know all that. Time to move on with the story.

We had to get supplies because we had very little and we wanted to do some exploring. So we motored across the bay from Jibbon Beach to Cronulla.

According to our charts there was a narrow, deep channel for entering/exiting and to the starboard side of the channel the were rocks, of which Mum thought we were a bit to close to.

But to the port side was very shallow; Too shallow, Three feet deep to be precise. The channel is probably just wide enough to allow two large boats to pass.

Mum is at the wheel. She is nervous. “Have I got the port and starboard markers right?” “Am I in the right side of the channel?” “Am I following the right route?”


Starboard marker near the rocks Picture taken by Natasha Soetekouw

But all is good and Dad is reassuring Mum. He is great at that. We get in safely. We look around for a courtesy mooring or where to anchor. All is well and here we are. In Cronulla.

There are boats everywhere. Most of them are moored and there are probably a hundred times as many in central Sydney. But still, they are heaps of them. We have never pulled into a place with so many boats.

“Can you take a few photos?” Mum asks as we pass the first channel markers. “Sure” I say.

I take a few photos. Then I take a few more. Then few more. Then a few more. At the end I have taken eighty nine photos. Mum and I count them. Then we laugh. Very me. Most of them will have to be deleted but the really good ones will stay.

Although my photography is getting better, some of my eighty nine photos are just water. And that’s partly why some of them have to be deleted. A work in progress I suppose.

We have been here for about a week and a few days ago we went to the beach to run off some steam. It was great! It was the first time we had got in the water in weeks. The water was freezing but there was no way we were going to go to the beach on a nice warm day, and not go swimming! No way!

The at the beach we went to, you could wade out for ages until you came to a sort of shelf of which had been dredged. But we didn’t go out that far because the water was WAY to cold for that.

Well after that is quite uneventful but you know we’ll keep you all posted.


I hope you all enjoyed.
The End


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle





3 thoughts on “Our new Blogger

  1. Natasha, thank you so much for letting us see the family in action through your words, More please! It is such fun to keep notes and write stories. And the extra plus is you can look back and remember the fun and amazement. Bye for now, Jack and Jude

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