The Lies

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Hi Amazing Peeps,

Today we went to the beach with some friends. It was a beautiful day and the sun was gleaming. It has been the warmest day in Sydney for a long while and everyone was out to enjoy it.

Sitting on the beach, I started to notice all the beautiful people. There were women with amazing bodies in bikinis, brown bodies, women with hair down to their bums and even topless women. They really were beautiful.

This is where my mind started. I started comparing myself, judging myself and being angry at myself. I stopped this straight away.

Of late, I have been thinking about a time in my life where I was put in a situation to care for myself or cave to someone out of fear. I caved. I was only young but I was so angry at myself that I thought so little of myself that I would accept a situation that hurt me.

As I have been considering this, I have put myself mentally back in this situation. This time I thought of myself. I withdrew and dove into myself and found my inner happiness. That meant taking time from trying to be the centre of attention; that meant being quiet and still to allow myself to shine through. I saw in this exercise how things would of been different and even in doing this, I felt different about the situation.

I have been doing this more in my meditation and today I really put it into practice. When these negative thoughts about myself started, I became really quiet and dove into myself.

I looked around at all the wonder that was in front of me: the beautiful blue sea, the perfect beach, the birds that flew past or that sat watching over us. I was even thankful for the beautiful people. They show me not only the beauty of humans but what I am capable of.9f37d98bea3b9b5c7280f3dcf11899b9--positive-words-positive-thoughts

My friend decided to chime in and add a comment. This comment was inline with the LIES inside my head. At first I was hurt because I was doing so well at appreciating everything and this hit me….hard. It then made me angry because it was against who I have become. I later understood.

My friends, like so many other people are fed these LIES. These lies that we need to be the most beautiful, that we are not good enough. That we have to compare ourselves to everyone like there is some kind of measuring stick.

LIES that’s all they are.

If we stopped comparing ourselves and look at the beauty within us, the world would change overnight.

This is my motto from now on:

I WILL NOT compare myself to anyone! They have not had my life nor me theirs.
I WILL NOT try and fit in with the “pretty people” – being happy is all that matters.
I WILL NOT change because someone sees me as an embarrassment. That is their problem, not mine.
I WILL NOT believe, entertain or propel the LIES. Myself and my children need to see how beautiful they are as they are, not how others tell them to be.

So it doesn’t matter whether I look like the “beautiful person” image or not, whether I walk like on the catwalk or stopping through the mud or if I dress like a princess or in brightly mismatched clothing like a clown.

I am me – BEAUTIFUL!


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


4 thoughts on “The Lies

  1. Beccie – I think your hormones are giving you grief. Be strong and believe in the beautiful person you are. Surround yourself with the love of your wonderful family and loving hugs and thoughts from dear friends. How are you finding Sydney?

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  2. You are beautiful! Inside and out. And so lucky to have a squadron of little ones to share life. As we age our youthful beauty is replaced by an appreciation of our life’s experiences. Fill up on those – Jude and I are no longer slim and sexy, but we’re so happy together because of the deeds we’ve shared. Looking back, that is all that matters. Big hugs J&J

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