The Cats out of the Bag


Hi Amazing Peeps,


This post is about being pregnant while sailing.

This was on my agenda – AT ALL! And no we are not religious, this is my choice not to insert a iud inside of me, and my Hubby is GORGEOUS!

I have had morning sickness. I have discovered that morning sickness and seasickness are not fun together but they feel about the same as each other.

I take seasickness tablets and they help with the morning sickness too but what I can eat is limited. The wrong thing can trigger the sea/morning sickness monster.


I found on the trip from Eden to Ulladulla, apples and cheese worked really well. Chocolate and chips taste nice initially but within 15 minutes, I feel terrible. I don’t know if I could sail 36 hours on nothing but apples and cheese but if I could, it would work great.

Being active on land at the moment is a slight problem. I am extremely tired and going out for a walk or a picnic is great. Yet if we are out more than a few hours, I’m ruined. I get tired and sore quickly and all I want to do is sleep. This I find frustrating!

I can’t stay awake much past 8pm and am wide awake by 6:30am. There is no morning sickness in the morning unless I eat something wrong like oats instead of eggs. By 2pm, if we’ve been out the queasiness sets in, purely from tiredness. If I’m too tired, then I feel crook.

By 4pm, if still on the boat, I start to play up. Then by 5pm, I pretty much stop talking. It seems too much effort to talk and make dinner and stuff. It’s a way I conserve energy.

I seem to be cold a lot too. If I’m not cold, then I’m too hot but that’s rare right now except when I sleep. Then I am like a fire-breathing dragon whose fire is trapped inside, ready to explode out. Steve sleeps on the very edge of the bed in fear of the impending carnage.jeromelim-img_0179

I am not eating red meat at the moment but love my fish. Red meat makes me feel bad and angry, so it’s better that I stay away from it. Fish I feel great! Steve thinks that I don’t have enough protein that is why my energy levels are low and I’m cold. I am taking an iron supplement so that should be ok though.

I now feel claustrophobic if the boat is really messy and all the kids around. I need some kind of order to feel like there is air – which is a bit of a laugh with so many people on board.

I haven’t met many cruisers who have been pregnant and sailing but I’m sure I will. I have had the last 5 as home births which was easy in Tassie but I don’t know how it works when your always moving. I need more info.

My life now resembles a really strange hypnosis gameshow. It is eat, eat, eat some more, now sleep!

Thankfully our kids are Awesome.

The hypnotic eating competition continues.

Love you guys




Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle.