We made it!

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Hi Amazing Peeps,

We’re at Jervis Bay, YAY!

It is great to be here. There was no turning around this time, no vomits and no engine problems. It was almost weird.

We were meant to leave Ulladulla at around 7am but in typical Sumbawa fashion we were late. It was 8:30am before we left. We knew a strong westerly was meant to hit in the afternoon and there was a gale warning for the Illawarra coast. We wanted to be in Jervis by 1pm to just beat it.

The seas were small but choppy. They were only 1m but come at 4 second intervals. Sumbawa is not a fast boat but she goes ok.

We had motor-sailed for 23 hours into a headwind from Eden to Ulladulla, this time we wanted quiet. Once we were out of Ulladulla, the motor was off and the sails were set.

I’m not sure yet whether it’s our inexperience or just being over-cautious with so many kids on board, because we didn’t put up all the sails. The winds were anywhere between 9 and 16 knots with the occasional 20-odd knot gust. This is good sailing weather yet we only had out the two headsails.

The kids are usually on the sheets with Dad directing how and where he wants them. Sometimes there are too many sheets to contend with if we have to do a bit of tacking. Again maybe that’s our inexperience talking.

Because we had only the headsails out, our speed was an average of only 4.5 knots. We also decided to take the most direct route and cut across the bay straight to Jervis. I don’t know if that had an effect on our speed as I don’t know how the East Australian Current folds around. Does it come into bays or is it more of a straight path down?ld-log_map_2017-07-19_17-38-21

If we were in the current, that would have slowed us down too. It took is 8 hours to go 20 nautical miles (insert swearing exclamation here). Actually it ended up being 31 nautical miles which wasn’t as bad

It was a pretty sail. The coastline as you come closer to JB is stunning. The cliffs are imposing but gorgeous.

We were warned by Mike & Sue from Yaraandoo II (that’s fun to sing that β€œIt’s Mike & Sue from Yaraandoo II, Yaraandoo II, Yaraandoo II. It’s Mike & Sue from Yaraandoo II, Yaraandoo II, Oh Yeh!”). HA HA HA

Anyway, they warned us about coming past Bowen Island, that the wind would funnel out and it would be strong. We thought that with only 2 headsails up, we would be fine. Boy!

There was a small gap between the southern mainland and Bowen Island where a little wind funneled through and we thought ‘that’s not too bad. We should do fine.’ Then we passed Bowen and came out into the heads of Jervis. We went from 5 knots to 8 knots in seconds. If we turned to go in, the sails would flog violently. So we turned away and furled the Genoa. That lost us some speed but stopped the severe luffing.

Our motor isn’t awfully strong and trying to head into 25 knot winds with the staysail and motor was slow going. The staysail was luffing so violently that we dropped that too. We just weren’t in the mood now for all the tick-tacking (maybe that’s a sign of newbie sailors too).

With just the motor on, heading into the wind we were still only getting 2.4 knots. It was a painfully slow crossing of the bay. Mike and Sue had patiently waited for us to arrive and I think they were surprised on how long it took us.

We had a choice of a mooring or anchoring. We haven’t really got the hype behind moorings but again newbies. We anchored.

We were cold and hungry and tired. It was time for real food and bed. For me, sailing tires me out. I couldn’t stay awake after some soup and toast and I was in bed by 8pm. I left Steve to get kids into bed and within half an hour, he was in bed too. Everyone slept amazingly, even bubs.

The view in the morning was stunning! Point Perpendicular to the rear, a long beach right in front and a beautiful bay. These new, beautiful places are worth the trip. I love waking up to a new sunrise, a new scene and new wildlife. It’s stimulating to the body and the mind.

This is what life is about – and just the start!

It’s time to go and explore this wonderful place.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Love you all.



Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle

9 thoughts on “We made it!”

  1. Hi Beccie
    Love the new enterance to JB
    The weather hub is always interesting through there!
    May the sea salt always flavor your life πŸ˜‰
    Cheers seadog

  2. Hi beccie
    Love the new enterance to JB
    Always an interesting weather hub to sail through!
    Let the salt of the sea flavour your life πŸ˜‰
    Fellow seadog

  3. Selamat Pargi seafarers.yes I have experienced the trip into J.B on many occasiones during my tuna fishing days not very pleasant at all.and from the air during fish spotting is something else ,a westerly gale pouring out of J.B.. so the race goes on with all those white horses galloping around.still.
    regards Mr. Maurie ps. hi kids.

  4. Glad to hear of your safe travels and arrival in Jervis.

    Sorry we missed you before you left Ulladulla. Our daughter Liza met Blade and Natasha over a coupe of days of us visiting Ulladulla harbour, had a wonderful time taking with them.
    We will follow your adventures m, if you make it up to Sydney we will come and say hi.

    Sean ad Mel.

      1. Wonderful.
        Liza would love to keep in touch with the kids – Natasha esp, is this the best place to do that?

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