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Hi Amazing Peeps,

Over the last 8 months, we have heard some amazing sailing stories. Some have been incredible, others are just down right horrific and others I just wish I had never been told.

Then there are the rare ones that boggle the mind. These ones are my favourite. I just wish I could find out more.

Yesterday we heard one such story.

There was a man from New Zealand who had just had a massive blew with his Mrs. He then took off with his 13 year old daughter.

They hopped on his boat and headed West.

I don’t know how long it took but Christmas time they pulled into Ulladulla.

SO WHAT! You say – heaps of people do that! You’re right they do. But what makes this story amazing is:


Seriously it’s still here.20170714_100754

This is what I can’t get my mind around. How do you sail 450 miles, across some really treacherous waters in a 16ft catarmaran?

What kind of weather did they face? Was it one of those freak times where the weather was perfect?What about safety equipment?

It just boggles my mind.

They came in here and he declared even though he didn’t have to, being from New Zealand and then took off in Australia.

So somewhere in Oz, there is a man and his 13 year old daughter who did the most incredible, crazy, semi-suicidal and courageous sail from NZ to here on a boat most people wouldn’t cross Bass Strait in.

I take my hat off to you for your courage and bravery and also say WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, YOU CRAZY MAN?!

Well my story telling is at an end as I am about to become elbow deep in…….ooze.

Talk soon.




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