Our first day

Hi Amazing Peeps

Ok so im here, sitting in the cockpit freezing my butt off, with a hot water bottle, wrapped in a blanket steering with my feet. Feet steering is harder than it looks. Sometimes I end up facing east instead of north. Yes I am the autopilot. We have an official one onboard but its bearing compass does not bear anymore. So old school it is.

It has been slow going today. we have had a head wind all day and have had to Motor sail most of the day. We have tick-tacked all day with is sooooo much fun (insert massive sarcasm here). Progress is slow but progress nonetheless.

I learnt a tonne of stuff today. They were:

That I must be internally afraid of the dark because I freaked when the sun went down. ie. “how do i know what way im going? I can’t tell how far away from land I am! Everybody SHUT UP! I can’t think in the dark” etc, etc, etc. You get the picture.

I also worked out that I sail harder than Steve. He’ll give up some speed to maintain bearing where I’ll go slightly off course to get speed. So on the times that he would be going 3.5 knots close reaching, I would close haul by getting her at that point just before the staysail starts to luff and get 5.2 knots out of her. I also was willing to tack to almost due east to get as much wind and speed to then tack back at a less severe angle and still maintain speed. Steve does a lot more little tick-tacks.

I also promised myself I WOULD NOT freak out over the moon. It was a full moon last night so I was prepared for the moon. The sun set and after a while I saw a light on the horizon . I said to Steve that I’m sure that was the moon rising.

Then this light appeared so fast. im sure it was coming towards us from the east. It wasnt white light like the moon but yellow. I screamed for Steve to come up quick because it was moving seriously fast.

Hubby comes up, looks at it and says that it’s the moon. He even got out the binoculars to put me at ease – it kinder helped with my nervousness but not my embarrassment. I am such a newbie .

As for the kids, they loved taking in turns to be tethered out on deck and those that couldn’t come up seemed to do nothing but eat.

The world though, she brought out her best Today.other than the wind being cold, the day was gorgeous. The swell at its peak got up to about 1m but that’s it. It was mainly flat with a tiny bit of chop. Just Brilliant!

We haven’t seen any whales but saw a family of seals and a pod of dolphins just on dusk which was cool.

So our first day was a huge success. As I sit here on my watch and just got the boat up to 6.7 knots, I am grateful for all the amazing things of Today.

We love you all


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


2 thoughts on “Our first day

  1. Fantastic 👏 I freaked out at the moon on my first night watch too. Called Mike up. It looked like a yacht’s spinnaker on fire. Was a half moon that came up flaming red. Some people have freaked out at stars, as they are red and sit close to horizon. People recommend getting star finder app on your phone to help ease the night watch freak out at hitting celestial bodies 😀 might have been Yarrandoo who recommended that!

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