We are so close.


Hi Amazing Peeps,

Firstly, Thank you to all you Amazing people who were so kind to me. Your love was Wonderful! It really made an impact on me. THANK YOU ❤

Now back to Sumbawa

Here we are doing boat work…..again. It kind of like being a parent, it happens night or day. Thankfully mostly day but on occasion at night as well.

The countdown is on.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday look great! That’s what we are aiming for.

So here is what we have done:

Yesterday we pumped all the fuel from the starboard tank into the port tank. It has made Sumbawa have a terrible lean. We pumped it through the filters and straight into the tank which we hoped would clean it. It did great.

Hubby had a bunch of trouble with water in the port tank on his trip down, so today it was my job to pump the port tank fuel through the filters and back into that tank. WOW! What a big job!

The fuel pump did most of the work but the amount of water and sediment was astounding. I lost count how many times I emptied the bowls. It was successful and in the end we were cycling clean fuel. We let it rest overnight and do one more cleaning tomorrow. We are going to need 2 new filters though – sheesh.

Hubby finished repairing the fuel leak – finally. That thing was a mule but finally done. We will test tomorrow after the cleaning of the fuel, to put half of it back in that tank. I’m sure it will be great.

Hubby then got the bow water tank ready for the water bladder. That entailed removing the baffles, smoothing everything out and repairing a few things which stunk the boat out. I planned to take the kids to the beach while Hubby did that but it was wet and cold, so we all just kept all the hatches open and rugged up for the afternoon. What a smell – YUK!

He then got the piping ready for the bladder. He had a ridiculously busy day.

The kids admittedly drove us a bit batty but we were taking up all their playing spaces. I couldn’t be too mad as they still amused themselves and each other. Although there were a few times that some choice words were muttered under my breath.

I was very happy when it was all over for the day. We had been stunk out, cold, stood on, ran over and we are now tired.

So it is now dinner time.

The kids ate a almost full 14 litre pressure cooker of satay chicken and rice – which was 3 helpings for all of them. They then asked for more so they had some fruit for dessert – they all love fruit.

They then asked for more and after a small game of simon says with me, they were able to finish a special pumpkin soup I had made for Steve & I last night. It was a Beautiful soup but the kids were really hungry so they shared that out too.

Boy do they eat sometimes!

Yahsha asked for something else but I had to draw the line somewhere – they needed to drink something now or there will be nothing left.

Their 14 litre pressure cooker. This is only their dinner not ours because there wouldn’t be enough. CRAZY!

They are currently playing with fullish tummies and Hubby and I have just eaten our meal. Today was very productive. Now we are ready for bed – I know already.

I am excited about our trip. Once we pull up at the wharf to fill up with water and fuel then I will be really excited. That’s my cue – that is what makes it real for me. Hopefully we will be there tomorrow.

Well it is time for a hot water bottle, some goodnight cuddles and kisses from all the kids, a nice hot cuppa and then bed. We’re not always this boring, I promise. LOL!

Have a great day everyone. You are all amazing!

Love you



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