Boat Work, Eat, Sleep & Repeat


Hi Amazing Peeps,

We were set to leave this week, Thursday to be exact and do an over nighter ( I don’t even know if this is a word but I am too tired to care) to Jervis Bay.

My excitement was tangible.

We were getting ready to stock up leading up to our departure when it happens – we find a fuel leak AHHHHH!

It is coming from the connection out of the tank. We need to fix other things but some can wait till Sydney, this can not. So this was first priority.

The arrangements continued and we were preparing to dock to fill our water tank but it needed an inspection. Hubby had looked at it once and he knew it needed a little work but he put it off. We had managed so far but as we are doing our big sail, we need more water.

Inspection was done 2 days ago. Our decision was to get a bladder that fit the tank. We tried calling the company over the weekend but to no avail. We got hold of the company this morning and they are sending out a bladder.

Unfortunately it wont be here until Friday or Monday.

So our plans for Thursday are off. It is a great weather window too. AHHHH again!

We are planning on next week. There isn’t enough info on the weather yet but we are hoping the end of the week.

I am looking forward to the move. I will miss Eden though, the people are amazing but our adventure is starting now. It’s time to set our sails.

I am sleep talking now, it’s time for sleep.

Have an awesome day to all.



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  1. Cruising = boat maintenance in exotic locations. Haha.
    We were preparing to leave Cairns to start our trip to Indonesia and our motor started playing up. Bloody boats! I hope you get it all sorted out. It’s worth it in the end.

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