Last Minute Dash

Crazy housewife with kitchen tools

“Nothing makes me more productive than last minute.” Unknown

Hi Amazing Peeps,

We are getting our last minute stuff ready before our move further north.

It always last minute in our place. Hubby and I do our best work when we are running around screaming at ourselves and everyone else. Whether it works for the sailing life is yet to be determined but it works for us.

The last minute stuff has been servicing engine and fixing any gremlins – which seem to turn up a bit. Repairing more sails and getting our sail wardrobe sorted, finishing but a bunch of little things and stocking up on groceries – which is quite a feat for the amount of people on board.

We have also got some wet weather gear and some warmer clothes.

We are all getting a little excited about our first big trip as a family. I am SUPER excited, like a little kid on their first train ride.

The little one doesn’t particularly care and just wants lots of attention. This is what happensvwhen Mum is working in the engine bay and Dad is outside – it is a bit hard to see but she is laying on my belly, trying to get my attention as I have half my body in the engine bay 20170614_180140

We are very excited to sail up the coast and we are looking forward to meeting more wonderful people.

Time to go and feed the village.




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