Dinnertime Insanity


Hi Amazing Peeps,

I have a question to ask – Does everyone else’s children go mental at dinner time? I mean totally wacky?

When I speak of dinner, I mean the evening meal for any English among us

I don’t know what dinner does or maybe it is just food – come to think of it it’s food in general.

There is crazy behaviour, the immediate need to run around on deck usually with their dinner in hard. Then irrevocably it turns to lower bodily functions.

How their conversation turns to crap, farts, peeing, poo makes me want to say…….sailor lingo. The sailor lingo is increasing and not just the nautical terms but that’s another post.

Where was I…..oh yes sh#t. They keep coming back there and if it is not that, it’s doodles (not the drawings). Mostly the boys but the girls are just as bad.

What I don’t get is how they can talk about poo and eat sausages! How does it not put them off their meal? What goes on in their minds?

The thing is, once they get to this point it is pointless to try and stop it so we join them. This clearly doesn’t help – everyone is laughing but it makes the situation really bad. There is a point in which I have to stop it or I will hurl – Hubby loves this point, he just gets more ideas or prompts the children with more.

I am trying to remember my mind at their age and I did find gross things funny – that’s why I liked the Ren & Stimpy Show as a kid – it is SO GROSS!

We don’t have anything like that on the boat but they seem to be just as gross.

What is it about food that turns them crazy?




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