No more Rainbows & Unicorns

Im not tired

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Yes I am writing this post at 5 minutes to 1am. Why?

Well my friend Louise from SY Moli – she has a great blog, super funny. Read it here.

Anyway in one of her post Louise refers to the Chunder Thunder Index. For her it is dealing with seasickness – not on Sumbawa. Tonight we are dealing with food poisoning – yay!

I don’t know how they got it, whether through something not being cleaned properly or just something they ate but almost straight after dinner, the Chunder Thundering began.

Let me paint a picture, no really I insist – I need humoring 😈.

We are not just talking about one child Chunder Thundering, we are talking about 5 children ALL…….AT…….ONCE!

Can you feel the dry reach coming just thinking about the smell? Do you think we have enough buckets or enough Heads (toilets)? NOPE!

We knew this was going to happen at one stage but I wasn’t prepared. Well seriously who is prepared for a boat full of Chunder Thunder! You know what, I can hear people saying ‘You should have been prepared. You’re setting sail in a few weeks, what about seasickness?’

You are right. I had thought about that but hadn’t got everything ready and we can give them some natural seasickness tabs but I didn’t expect to need it yet and especially not at anchor.

The thing is, if it was mainly the bigger ones, they can pretty much look after themselves. They can run to the head (toilet) or a bucket and get it in. They just have to clean up themselves. As long as they have made it and clean themselves, they just need lots of cuddles, love and tucking back into bed.

But it is the little ones who are sick. The ones who don’t run to the head or a bucket but freeze and it goes EVERYWHERE! Through their hair, on their clothes, in their beds YUK!

I do understand that they are uncomfortable and don’t know what to do but still YUK YUK YUK!

Even as I type this I am sitting on the couch with the youngest one who has vomited over herself twice, me twice and her blanket. Heating a kettle to warm water to wash her down isn’t anymore appreciated – she is tired and feeling crook so very grumpy. More YAY!

Every now and then I’m throwing the phone aside to lean her over a bucket in front of me – fun.

No sleep for me right now.

Well now that I have completely grossed you out this morning – have a great day and think kindly on us.

Love you guys



Beccie is a Best Selling Author , a World Travelling Sailor , an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Wonderful Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, an Entrepreneur, a Polyglot and an Oracle


4 thoughts on “No more Rainbows & Unicorns

  1. Oh nooooo. I’m really sorry….But I laughed!!! You poor thing!!! Oscar did the same in his bed around Christmas. It’s totally disgusting!!!! And he has sprayed the back of the car and the cream suede couch (bought pre kids!!). You have my total sympathies. Hope everyone better?? And thanks for not posting any pictures 😂



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