Are we going Bat Crap Crazy?


While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about Angela Schwindt


Hi Amazing Peeps,

I am writing this post because of a post I read on the Kids4Sail FB page.

This amazing woman was going through the typical fear that I and every other, soon to be live aboard parent goes through.

Can I really stand being in such a small space with all these kids?”

We have all worried about this. Even lost sleep. Then when the kids were at their worst, chucking a big one, we thought to ourselves ‘I’m Crazy, I can’t handle my kids in a
house, how am I going to handle them on a tiny boat?’

This seems a legitimate concern……but it’s not!

It is just our own fear, our own self doubt. We question our abilities yet we have proved that we are capable to cope with anything time and time again.

Parents are the strongest people on the planet! We birth, we nurture, we care, we help teach and watch these puny humans grow into not so puny humans.

We watch in astonishment as they teach us about love, humility, self confidence and curiosity. We see them fight for what they want with all of their energy.

We see them adapt to change as quickly as they can get dressed – sometimes they are slower but at other times they are ready and waiting before you’ve even poured your coffee.
So if anyone is going to adapt to life on a boat – it is our children.

We, as parents worry, we fear – we have become so GROWN UP (this phrase is as good as swearing to us).

But you have to remember a time or an opportunity you had for adventure that was TOTALLY AWESOME! It was a bit scary but SO COOL! You just had to do it. Yet your parents were afraid. They worried too much. Even if you were doing something with a trained professional, because your parents thought that it was a dangerous
activity, you weren’t allowed. Do you remember how you felt?amazing quote

Don’t mistaken me, there are things to be vigilant about when on a boat with kids – we are not suggesting non-care just more freedom.

Kids love adventure! They will take every opportunity to explore something new. This is where we need to learn from them again. We have taken on so many of our parents
fears, that are not ours – we just started mimicking them. We have to be brave enough, bold enough and believe in ourselves enough to know that we can be Adventurous With Kids.

Adventure is not something you did in your heyday, it doesn’t have to stop or not begin because we have kids.  It doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be squishy, tiresome and stressful sometimes but it is always worth it.

We need to CHILD-UP, we need to chase that urge to explore, to be curious and to have fun. And it doesn’t matter if we have 1 child, 4 children or 10 children – experiencing

For us, we are jumping in, having fun and aim to see as much of this beautiful planet as possible.20170602_195212 Yes this is us in the local newspaper – Unbelievably Incredible.  The Adventure is just Beginning.

Have a fantastic day all



Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 Most Amazing Children of the planet, an Euntranepear, a Polyglot and an Oracle

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  1. The phrase ‘child up’ is brilliant. 🙂 I loved what you wrote here. And very exciting about newspaper article!

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