It’s Alive, It’s Alive!


“This is SO COOL!” Our Kids

Hello Amazing Peeps,


You ready for it…..


Yes you read it right – a sail made from a tarp! I call it Jiberstein!

How did we come to this? Well here is a small recap:

Our genoa was damaged months ago when on a leisurely afternoon training sail, we accidently ripped the clew clean off the sail haha. You can read about that here.

The genoa, being such a big sail and not having a suitable sewing machine, we have been sewing it all by hand – which, by the way is mind-numbingly slow and laboriously tedious.

Then we had a stroke of genius, ‘could we make a sail out of a tarp?’ Turns out we can – so we did!


We started by buying a 6x4m tarp from the One Stop Discount Shop in Eden at a cost of $40.

Now we needed to cut it into shape. There was no room to do that on our little boat, so to shore we went.

We found a large flat piece of ground, a few tins of contact, some cheap paint brushes and a few munchkins to gather rocks, run around giggling, pull faces and just bring cheekiness while Dad worked.

The kids then helped Dad sew the seams with our little sewing machine, the one that won’t go through our genoa – because the material is so thin, that little thing did it no worries.20170405_160847

Then it was time for another Eden shuffle so to the Navy wharf we went to finish it. There is only one issue about working on the wharf,  that’s the lack of rocks. We made up for that with more Munchkins!

Do you want to know how it went?

Wait till Part 2! MWOOHAAAAA (that was meant to be an evil laugh). It’s mean, I know but fun.

Until next time Awesomenese.



P.S. I am setting up a new blog to tell about my spiritual journey and keep this one about our family and sailing adventures.


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