Whaling & Dingy Sailing

At Boyd Tower

“Learning is a Treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”¬†Chinese Proverb

Hi all you Amazing Peeps,

We have been on a few walks here in Eden with some new friends that we have made.

We have learned a lot of the history of Eden which is based in whaling. It is a rather grim subject but just look at our nations history, wherever we live. No history is perfect and there are some amazing stories that come out of it.

For our first adventure we walked to the whaling station with 2 other boat families SV Moli and SV Yaraandoo II. Here we learnt how they brought the whales up on shore. It was a great walk through the bush and the kids really enjoyed being out with other kids.

The family from SV Moli left to go north the next morning.

Our second trip was with Mike & Sue from Yaraandoo II to Boyd tower.

This was a lighthouse built by Benjamin Boyd at the point of Two Fold Bay. It was only lit 3 times in its life as Boyd, who was EXTREMELY cocky would not light it for anyone else other than his own fleet of whaling ships. He also was trying to make Eden the capital.

Sydney subsequently stopped him from lighting.

History aside, it was a fantastic walk. Poor Mike had his ears talked till I am sure they hurt. Sue was wonderful and walked at the back with the stragglers and myself, telling us of their amazing stories about their adventures.

It was another fabulous day with great company.

Then came the really fun stuff – Mike & Sue have been stuck here longer than they expected and we have had some beautiful days. They were not wasted.

Yaraandoo II has a little sailing dingy onboard as well as a inflatable kayak. Thay said the kids could have a go – WOW! I am not sure what they were in for….ha ha ha.

The kids have spent the last 2 afternoons being taught how to sail the dingy and kayak.

They have also been skipping stones, thowing the frisby and playing boules. I do wonder if they are as tired at the end of the day as we are…lol.

It has been a great week.

Love you all xx