What’s Happening To Me


“Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” Lao Tzu


Hello Amazing Peeps,

I can’t express how much I mean that. I really love everyone and I feel as though my heart could explode sometimes with the desire to show everyone my love.

Today I would like to talk about my growth. When I say growth, I mean in a spiritual sense.

I am going to tell you something that has happened to me and I was SURE with 100% certainty that this would never have happened but it has. I am so shocked myself. But let’s start with the lead-up.

Meditation has been a huge part of my life over the last 6 months. I have found it completely relaxing and inspiring. I connected with my father who past away 10 years ago and have felt the presence of others. I love this feeling. Then it started to fade.

I have also been investing in personal development. I have had 2 phone conferences with Empowerment coaches from USA, brought books and audio tapes, subscribed to more energy workers sites and read an insane amount online in regards to spiritual improvement.

I desired that peace I had had before, that feeling of being connected to everything – enlightenment.

enlightenment - unlimited boundaries
unlimited boundries

Much had come up about feminine energy – so I researched. All of us have both masculine and feminine energy.

Masculine is the doer – I need to do this, I need to fix that. I need to do this and that and everything else. It’s go, go, go energy. Men have this more than women but women also have this energy. It is necessary.

There is only 1 issue with this – that is the environment that we currently live in pushes both men and women to constantly do. We have to earn a certain amount, be a certain way, work hard, go on working holidays – which by the way is an oxymoron.

Feminine energy requires us to stop, to relax, to just be. This energy is SO important to the balance of our bodies and minds. With this energy, we become relaxed and centred. We find equilibrium.

The problem that most people have is that this kind of energy makes us feel lazy. Why sit and wait and enjoy what’s around us when we can do. Why sit and meditate when I have laundry to do or dishes. Why sit in the park when I should be providing for someone else. It seems lazy.

In my case, I realised that not only had I taken on more masculine energy, I had also taken on masculine characteristics. I felt I needed to try and control everything, that I needed to act. I felt that being girly, dressing girly, acting girly was a sign of weakness.

I had been told since I was little that girls were weak, girls can’t do what boys can do and yet my dad would wake my mum if there was a noise outside. He was not the protector or the strength, my mum was. My mum would be annoyed that I didn’t dress or act like a girl, yet I saw her being forced by my fathers rule and our religion to pretend to be a woman but in reality she had to step up. She was father and mother. She was very masculine. And I have copied her.

I thought, when I read about feminine energy, it was about stopping and meditate but for me, it was more. I needed to embrace my feminine side. I needed to become more feminine. This is new for me. I never realised how masculine I was until now. It is time for me to let go and become a girl.

Now I know that being a girl is not weakness. That I can be girly and strong. I can dress, act and feel feminine and not be weak. That I am only weak if I let myself be.9f4d63385a7a74bc907d76b64a49f681

But that is not the craziest bit. I used to be a meatetarian – I ate nothing but meat or meat related. I ate meat, eggs, cheese but nothing vegetable AT ALL. Then I went to meat and a very small amount of vegetables. Then my body started turning upside down about a month ago.

I started to dislike the taste of meat. I had been meditating everyday and although I hadn’t felt the incredible closeness of spirits around me, I had felt closer to Self/God/Source/Universe – whatever you want to call it.

Part of this closeness to the Universe was giving me many visions – things I new without a doubt were messages for me to listen to. And I was listening.

Meat started to make my stomach feel funny. I didn’t enjoy it’s taste and it sat wrong.

Then 2 weeks ago, in that state between awake and asleep, I saw something:

It was me. I was in a yard, like a farm and around me were cows getting ready for slaughter, being in pain and they were afraid. A man came up to me and asked me to watch over the animals to make sure none escaped and he ran off to do something else.

I am suddenly left with a choice and my vision took me down both paths. The first:

I am watching the cows in pain and frightened, looking at me. In front of me is a box that has rabbits. I find myself holding a rabbit over each shoulder. I feel their fear almost as if they were talking to me. Then these rabbits turn into children. Do I release them or keep them for the farmer.

I decide to release them. Then I run round to all the other boxes and release the rabbits which are now children and they run away as do the cows.

Then my dream replays from the point that I am asked to look after the animals. I take the other choice.

The cows are still frightened, the rabbits still turn into children but I keep them there. And as I hand them over to the farmer and walk away, I know that I have killed them. I was now responsible to the deaths of animals that I feel where once people.

The heaviness on my heart wakes me up. I know what I have been shown and what I must do.

I became a vegetarian from that morning.

Yet I love research. I knew from my time as a Meatetarian that meat increases the size of the brain. I asked for guidance on this. I didn’t want to become dumber. I got an immediate answer that I heard – Large and Dumb!

I knew this was my answer but I needed more information. I meditated and waited and waited. Nothing.

Then, I came across a site that I have never seen before from a former Monk. He explained that some people will naturally be drawn to vegetarianism as they progress along their spiritual journey. This is because when an animal dies, its vibration – how it felt is in every fibre of its body. And when we eat this meat, we absorb those vibrations, those feelings.

Most people don’t feel this energy. Yet some, as they increase their own vibration feel this energy and it makes them feel bad – physically. It has an actual physiological effect. He also explained that it lowers your personal vibration when you absorb the animals vibration.

I felt this! This made sense. I finally understood why being vegetarian makes me feel better and eating meat makes me feel worse. I feel their pain, their fear. I know that all things are alive, even plants. Yet science has shown that eating plants does not lower your vibration – it doesn’t have the same emotions and fear as an animal.

I still eat eggs as having had chickens I know they lay most of them and leave them. Only when they are clucky do they sit on them to roost.

I also eat dairy as it doesn’t hurt the animals to get their milk and I know that dairy is so important in the diet – for me at least

I have not told you this to convince or tell anyone else to become vegetarian. People are at different levels of enlightenment and are shown what is right for them.91be6db973e8b75f890e0c9c0a38004b

I did need to get this off my chest – tell someone what has happened to me and why. I feel so excited by this as a new chapter of my life is unfolding and I am enjoying the growth.

Thank you for being Amazing.

I love you all


____________________________________________________________________________________________Rebecca is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 Most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


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