We Waited Too Long….Again


Snug Cove

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” Picturequotes.com

Hello you Amazingly Awesome Peeps,

Yes as the title says, we waited too long to move again.

In Eden there is the Eden shuffle. It is where we move to Snug Cove which is the north side of the bay for the northerly and move to the southern side for the southerly.

The winds, especially the southerly have been very strong – lots of gale warnings over the last month. So moving is advised.

We have a cracked plate in one of our injectors so we are running the engine sparingly until the new one comes. So last time, we waited just a touch long, the southerly hit at around 30 knots and we had a torn Genoa, no staysail and only our mainsail that I have never put up before.

Needless to say, we got out about 200m and found that we were pretty stationary. So we turned around and anchored back where we came and just sat it out. It was a little bouncy but not too bad. Next time we’d be more prepared we said.

Well next time was yesterday. Gale force winds expected for yesterday and we wanted to be over the south side for about 3 days. But………we didn’t have enough food for 3 days  (way too long story for now). So if we just pop down and grab a few things, we’d be sailing across before the change.20170124_130146

Well, you guessed it. It hit halfway through their shopping. I rang to let him know. Swell was at half a metre almost immediately, which is nothing for a 43ft yacht but a dingy with 4 young kids on it – too big.

Hubby and the kids left around 8 in the morning. They returned at 10:30 at night.

It blew to about 40-45 knots and waves crashed in about 1-1.5m at the dock. The younger kids and I were tucked in a little so we only got about half a metre and all hit us bow on. We were really protected.

I’d like to say that next time we’d be ready and I really hope that we are. Can I say we won’t get stuck or leave it to late? Probably not.

I didn’t like having Hubby and the kids stuck on shore while we were in the boat. We couldn’t get to them at all. That shows we need to be more prepared. We knew the wind was coming, we knew it would be strong but we thought that we had time that morning to sort out our remaining stuff. We needed to have done our shopping the day before.

Watch and be prepared. That is the lesson I took from this.

Have a great day all


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