The Clue in the Sail


“Sailing along with a 15 degree tilt, going 5 knots – just purring. Then SWOOSH, FLAP FLAP FLAP, YELLING FURL,FURL, FURL!” Hubby’s description of what happened.

Hi Awesome Peeps,

I think that was meant to be attached! Ha ha ha.

We went for our first proper sail on Thursday. It was AWESOME!  Our oldest at 13 has found her calling. We tacked and gibed over and over and had to change the direction of the Genoa. We only had that one out and it was a good first sail sail……hmm, to learn with.

We were having so much fun and had been at it for 3 hours,  when we tacked for our 2nd last time. The wind was blowing about 20 knots and the boat was leaning at 15 degrees. Then there was a slight bang and the end of the sail was gone. I didn’t even think about where it might be, I just furled like a crazy woman. Blade, our oldest boy had been quick enough to grab the ropes and bring it on board.

We then motored to our anchorage, and as I lowered the anchor, Hubby came out with a rope.  We hand furled the sail and then tied it.20170122_181147Don’t worry, that damaged sun cover was already there. Already have canvas and cheap machine and was prepared to fix this week. Now we just have some extra sewing to do.

I would love to say I am disappointed but I found all of it so much fun.

Hubby climbed the mast Today to try and help lower it, the rope was stuck. Unfortunately we could only prepare a new rope and cut the old one before the wind picked up. 20170122_115507

Even so, he came down a little greener. We’ll bring it down once the wind settles again, hopefully tonight.

The joys of living on a boat and I mean that without sarcasm – I’m REALLY enjoying it.

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day wonderful peeps.


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