4 Weeks Afloat


“What do we do with a drunken sailor.” What our kids sing when raising anchor.

Hi Awesome Peeps,

It’s been 4 weeks since we have all been aboard and I am loving it.

We have been doing the Eden shuffle based on wind conditions and just getting used to the whole experience.

The highlight was going out to just off Aslings beach to bring in the New Year. I was a little nervous as it was my first night sail but the conditions couldn’t have been better. The swell was almost non-existent, we would have been lucky to have 5 knots  (so motored) and we were 1 of only 3 boats there. 7 kids were still awake.

The fireworks were A..MA..ZING! Seeing them from the boat, with the pitch black Tasman Sea open to the East, made the whole experience mind blowing. I stood on the deck, with the kids sitting in front of me and Hubby’s arms around me weeping tears of joy. Our dream is happening right before us. Everything was perfect.

We got back to our anchorage about 1am and all kids in bed by 1:30. Steve and I spent a few moments taking it all in before we went to bed – just after 2.

1st January was completely different. Steve was going to grab a few things before we had to head over to East Boyd Bay for the SW’s. He was so tired, he didn’t go and we moved across. We had only a metre NE swell and 15 knot winds pushing us along.

Just as I was dropping anchor,  the exhaust pipe came off and the heat exchanger for the oil broke it’s mounting. Steve stopped the motor as soon as it sounded weird but we are unsure if everything is good.

Today we put it all back together with copper silicone and locktight for the nuts. How it came loose beats me but I am still getting used to checking over every bit – not just leaks in the motor, but all the fittings as well.

So we are stuck here till at least tomorrow and then we’ll test it. Luckily the wind is still a SW so we’d probably be here anyway – it is so peaceful here. We’ll probably try and head back tomorrow or Wednesday morning.

On a side note, we seem to be part of the local whale watching tour. The tour boat now comes by our boat now and toots at the kids. The kids wave madly at everyone. Today the boat stopped next to us and there was an announcement over the speaker about children on a boat. The kids love it.

Well have a great day all.  We wish you all a wonderful New Year. May your dreams come true as ours have.


_________________________Rebecca is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the planet, a Millionaire and a Polyglot.




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