Living So Close


“We don’t choose our family. They are a gift to us as we are to them.” Desmond Tutu

Hi Amazing Peeps,

Above is a picture of our tribe at the table.

Life on board is AWESOME!

After two weeks the kids are still using their home voices, everything is still yelled. To be honest I’m still using my house voice too.

The kids are fighting a little now after being under each others feet for a while now. We haven’t really got into a routine yet but I’m sure as we do, they will settle in again.

Meditating is so easy here. I don’t close my eyes as I did in the house. It is too magic not to just look and appreciate all the beauty surrounding me. And while sitting on the bow of the boat with my eyes closed, I feel as if we are just turning in circles.


My view while meditating. 

I have been listening to Abraham Hicks a lot since being here. I feel as though I am now ready to hear, ready to take in what I need to. It has been a immense help and I feel the words radiate through my Spirit, like it is coming forth, little by little. I am learning how to let Source be my guide.

Living together has brought us closer, mainly through lack of choice. It has been a good thing for us as our oldest is now 13 and she had just started drawing away from everyone. Here we all play together and it is great.

Our new way of living is really helping us see what is really important and that is us – ourselves first and foremost, then our family.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. You really are all wonderful and I love you all.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

_________________________ I am a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the planet, a Millionaire and a Polyglot.



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