My First Sail


Simply Sailing

“It calls to us.” Pirates of the Caribbean. 



Hi Awesome Peeps,

On Thursday did my first sail on our own boat. Well let me be honest – no sails were up and I was really motoring but it was our boat.

We were protected where we were in Two Fold Bay, Eden. We were getting a strong northerly at around 30knots and later that afternoon it was changing to SW at up to 40knots. We needed to move across the bay for the southerly.

We had been watching the weather and listening to the radio for the weather updates and we knew there was going to be a lull in the wind. That was our opportunity.

When the lull came, us along with about 4 other yachts started across. Unfortunately we had not looked at swell as we were so concentrated on the wind. Had we looked we would have seen that the swell was coming from the East. As we were traveling from North to South, we would be hit beam-on by 1.5m swell. Not great for my first or the kids first sail. It was a rookie error.

It was only a 2.5 nautical mile trip but as our motor doesn’t want to move right now, we could only manage 3 knots an hour. So it took nearly an hour to get across.

I laughed through most of it as I knew we weren’t in danger just uncomfortable. The older kids thought it was great, the younger ones had to stay downstairs so they were not as impressed.

Once we arrived at our new anchorage, everyone was stocked. The kids were more interested in eating dinner while Hubby and I took turns to be on anchor watch.

We also attached a 20kg weight to our anchor chain to aid in stability. It has worked a charm. Our oldest boy (B man) took his first ever watch and did great.

They have loved their new surroundings. They have seen Navy ships, cargo ships, gone fishing and swung off the boom.

Our Crew

Hubby and kids are just fixing our outboard for the dingy. I am about to climb our 18 m mast and we are going to go play at the beach.

Beach near us

Have a great day all.


C.Z. Schofield  (me) is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the planet, a Millionaire and a Polyglot