We Moved Aboard YAY!



Hi AMAZING peeps,

You saw right – we are all aboard. All 12 of us! Serious craziness!

It has been 3 days now since we first came aboard and I learnt a lot about myself straight away. The first thing was

There is water in my head

I know, we all know that there is but now I can feel it. If I can try to describe it, you know how your stomach feels when you drink to much water, you feel it and hear it. Now imagine that feeling in your head. It doesn’t make me feel sick just a little dizzy and tired. Second

It puts me to sleep 

I find I go to sleep and sleep really well with the rocking boat. Maybe it’s related to the water in my head or just that Psychologist tell us that rocking puts us into the first stage of sleep even when we are not actually sleeping. This lets us go to sleep easier. Which is why we rock babies to sleep.

Kids Adjust Really Fast

I thought the kids were going to spend the first week fighting, getting under each others feet and complaining about constant boredom but they haven’t. They got a kids pack when we crossed on the Spirit of Tasmania which contained a pack of cards, a colouring book and pencils. These have been invaluable. The kids either play cards or colour or fish until someone left the handline on the edge of the boat and it was knocked overboard…sheesh. They are doing really amazing overall.

We brought WAY too much stuff

Seriously I had heard and read this time and time again but I was determined to be different even with all these kids. But just like labour of your first child it is not how I planned. I had reduced all clothes to only a backpack worth and still it is too much and not the right clothing. I didn’t bring any shorts or jumpers for myself. So I am too hot or too cold most of the time – unless I steal some of Hubby’s.

Ask, ask and ask some more

Talking to those who live like this is a fantastic way to learn. I just want to ask some more questions. Learning boat etiquette is important too. We turned on our generator today tto charge our batteries only for 2 boats to up and move straight away. I’m not sure whether I should have forewarned them but if we need to raise anchor, which we do now with the change of wind, we need to. So learning what, when and how is really important.

This last few days has been awesome and I am loving learning too. The kids are fantastic and love being aboard. I feel like I’ve come home. The water is for me.

Thanks all and I look forward to learning a whole lot more.

Cheers all and have a wonderfully awesome day.


I am a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the best Mum to the 10 most wonderful children on the planet, a Millionaire and a Polyglot 



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