WTF! How’d That Happen?

Hi amazing peeps,

I know I have been super quiet. Here’s what has been happening.

15 Oct – Sailing Day

Hubby was meant to leave Sydney. Everything was ready, just waiting for the easterlies to die down. 2 anchors were down but one was lifted ready to set off.

Hubby was on the phone to me when sudden profanities started – we were dragging anchor. No problems, just lift anchor and reposition right – no. As anchor started to be lifted, it was tangked on just one being a large stainless steel handrail. Also not thinking, the moment we lifted anchor we headed straight for the rocks. The motor was on but being by himself, he could motor out and raise and remove junk.

Anchor was dropped again immediately and but Sambawa had floated close to tge rocks. He trued to but throttle on then rause again but now easterlies blowing so hard that even with that, she was still dragging so another anchor was thrown then another then out of desperation the dingy one as well.

She is still dragging. We had 4 anchors out,  one being all chain. What we didn’t remember is that when we raised secons anchor that morning, we also raised a lot of the chain of the first anchor. The extra weight wasn’t there anymore. 

We called all the people we knew around the area, no one answered. Hubby tried to hail down a motorboat that slowed to watch what was happening. It proceeded to drive away. WOW!

Finally after hours trying to slow the drag we had no other choice – harbour marine police were called. They came, dragged her out to deeper water, checked out the debris on the anchor and left. They were amazing. So now we are anchored properly with loads of chain out.

We weren’t even out of the Harbour and we needed help. It all happened so fast but control over the situation was lost so fast even with quick thinking.

Our other problem was that our dingy was facing in such a way as to act like a scoop for the wind. Definitely a different position next time.

That was enough to drive us both to tears so a trip home was necessary.

Read next of how we left the Harbour and why we needed a tow into Ulludulla.

Have a great day all.

_____________________________C.Z.Schofield is a best selling author, a world traveling sailor, an awesome wife and mum to the 10 best children on the planet, a millionaire and a polyglot.




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