My life, the Dream

woman standing on beach

“We are not Human beings on a Spiritual journey. We are Spiritual beings on a Human journey.” Stephen R. Covey


Hello you gorgeous, amazing, genius peeps,

Today is about Dreams, more importantly – are we one?

The other day I watched a clip spoken by Alan Watts about this life being a dream. It’s fantastic please watch it here.  He said what if we were God dreaming, that when we die, we wake up.

(One a side note – Alan Watts is very easy to listen to.  I think if all audio books had either Alan Watts or Stephen Fry’s voice, I would by lots of them).

I love this idea of being a dream and some days I’m sure I can feel it.  Some days there is nothing but joy and happiness, that feeling of being able to accomplish anything.  I love these days – I feel like my real self.  There is no worry about Tomorrow or shame about Yesterday, there is just now and it feels wonderful.  My mind is settled and my body feels great.

Then there are the other days.  Those days I feel so damn Human.  There seems to be so much weight on me, I feel physically heavy.  Those days where I just want to be able to turn water in an Iced Riesling or fly away yet I feel so incapable, this dream feels so real.

Those days I want to have less and less of.  Yet I have so many questions –  Are we meant to feel like Gods?  Was Jesus (or whatever you call him) really just a guy showing us what we could do?  Can I part mountains and walk on water?  Is this just what I can do, I just don’t realize it?  Was Jesus not the son of God but was God in the sense that he knew this wasn’t real, he knew that he would change it all at any moment because he was making it up – it was his dream?

See, so many questions.  I know on the best times in my life, I have said that I hope that this isn’t a dream cause if it is, I never want to wake up.  And on the worst times,  I have yelled ‘This Must Be A Dream, Wake Up, Wake UP, WAKE UP!’

I know the Universe is looking after me because my dreams are coming true and I am finding my purpose. I wonder whether the Universe looking after me is my ability to change my dream.  That the real me, the Self, the Dreamer is changing the dream to suit it’s dream self – me.


I will focus more on this.  I feel that if I KNEW that I was a dream and that I – the Self can manipulate the dream to what I want – then why not.  This can only make my life the most fantastic, wonderful life ever.  If I’m the dream, then I can change this nightmare into my greatest adventure, the best fantasy and the best dream ever.

Dream with me. Dream the greatest planet with the most extraordinary people; dream the brightest colours and the most wonderful music; dream your deepest desired and dream a fantastic life. Dream fun!

Have a brilliant dream all.


C.Z. Schofield is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, a Spectacular Wife, an Awesome Mum to the 10 Happiest children on the planet, a Millionaire and a Polyglot.





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