The Reason I’m Here


“Your profession isn’t what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on Earth to do with such passion and intensity, it becomes spiritual in calling.” Vincent Van Gogh

Hello you adorable peeps, I bet your day is Amazing!

Today I want to talk about our purpose for being on this magical planet.

It is said that everyone has a calling, a purpose for being alive. This purpose it what makes their life complete. Better yet, once found your job then is to share it with the world.

But what if your like me and have NO IDEA!

I recently bought the book Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra which I found fascinating. I didn’t buy it for the success side of thing, even though that would be really nice too. I bought it as I am trying to discover Who I Am.  I have read a few books on this now and have and are doing a lot of experiments, which is helping. But as far as my calling in life – I’m stuck.

I have been told to ‘Find My Passion’ but other than an intense love for my oh so sexy Hubby and awesome kids, I don’t know another passion – I don’t think.

I know I love to learn new languages. I’m not fluent in any yet, but I love learning them. But how to I take that and help humanity? A translator perhaps? I don’t know. During meditation I asked God/Spirit or whatever you call it – I call it Yah, what my purpose was. My Arabic learning app that hadn’t opened on its own for months, suddenly popped up with a new word. Coincidence – yet I know there is no such thing, everything even the minute things happen for a very precise reason. And yet I ponder.

The problem is, like almost everyone today, we allow other things outside ourselves to dictate who we are meant to be. Yet that smothers who we really are. I am only now in my 30’s starting to find out who I am. I am just starting to break those old school teaching that told me who I was suppose to be. Those teaching bind us. We become like caged animals when we’re suppose to be free.

Finding my purpose will allow the real me to flourish. I know it is there, just waiting for me to see it. It’s calling me – I can feel it. I just need to open my mind and my heart. The biggest thing though is the willingness to accept what I find.

Maybe it is languages, maybe Arabic in particular. I know I love the challenge of the words and the thought that the World is even more open to me if I can communicate effectively. Maybe I should add Polyglot to my Author description. You know what – I Will!

I would love to hear your wonderful stories on how you discovered your purpose. Email me at

That is all fir my ramblings at the moment. I’m off to chase children.

Have an Wonderfully Fantastic Day

C.Z. Schofield is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, a Spectacular Wife, an Awesome Mum to the 10 Happiest children on the planet, a Millionaire and a Polyglot.