Where am I?

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“The Higher Self is whispering to you softly in the silence between your thoughts.”  Deepak Chopra



Hello you AMAZING peeps,

I hope the last few weeks have been totally Awesome.

Today’s topic is something that excites me a lot – It is the Mind.  To clarify I do not mean the brain but the thing that makes us us.

Old-school science tells us that it must be in the brain because when you think things, they can see the different parts of your brain light up.  That is true, different parts of your brain do light up but I like to look at the brain as the light at the end of a circuit board.  You have your copper wires, plug in your battery and when the circuit is complete – Viola! the little light lights up.  Does that mean that the power is in the light – No, but it does register it.

The brain lights up as a result of the thoughts but where are the thoughts generated – where are you?

Research has recently come out that the heart is a ‘Little Brain’. The heart not only tells us of impending danger but it is where our joy comes from.  Being in Love is a great example.  If you have felt that, you know it does not come from the brain but the heart.  The feeling is so overwhelming which is why they say you don’t think when your In Love.  If you have never felt it – it is something to look forward too. It is just that good.

The I is something that intrigues me.  Some say it’s the heart, some say it’s in the brain, some even say that the I is not even in the body but surrounding us.  I don’t know where it is but it is amazing.

The fact that there are 7 billion plus people on the planet, all the a different I to anyone else.  Look at identical twins – they are from the 1 egg, they have the same DNA but vastly different personalities. You cannot treat them as one person because they are two completely different people.

If us as humans, whose bodies are made pretty much the same, no matter what country we come from or what language we speak – we are all made up the same.  How come our personalities are so vastly different?  So Fascinating.

Then you look at dogs.  We often buy a dog that matches our personality and if you have ever had a litter of puppies before, you would know all of them have a different personality even though they all have the same DNA.

We can see this in all animals.  They all have their own individual selves even if their DNA were the same.

Now here’s a question – if not only in humans but in animals this happens, then what about grass? I know I sound like I’m crazy but hear me out.

If animals that have the same parents can have vastly different personalities, is it impossible to thing that one blade of grass has a different personality to another?  What separates an animal from grass?  Is an animal more alive than grass?  Could it be possible that even the smallest things that we take for granted are just as alive as us and have a personality just like us?  I think so.

Cleve Backster, ex CIA lie detection specialist proved that plants were not just alive as we know it but responded to pain and love.  He wired the plant up to his equipment one day when he was bored.  He then burnt it’s leaf with a match and dunked them in hot coffee and they responded to the pain.  When he spoke lovingly to them, they responded but differently.  They feel like us so I don’t see why anything else doesn’t.

I’m not saying to not stand on grass or burn wood to keep you warm or eat meat – all these things are part of life.  What I am saying is that the I is in everything – we are connected to everything including the grass.

Our world is much bigger than we thought and we are connected to every living thing in it.

Being connected to all of you give me great joy.  I want to spread that joy to as many people as I can.

happy movie

Photo: Happy Movie

So Love lots, be Happy and have the Best Day of Your Life.


C.Z. Schofield is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, a Spectacular Wife, an Awesome Mother of the 10 Happiest Children on the Planet and Extremely Happily Wealthy.








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